In the winter of

since a university in Hubei after graduation, spotted the online shop business, decided to give up the civil service jobs, devoted into the network business. Over the past 5 years, I have opened online clothing stores, cosmetics shops, jewelry stores, adult goods stores, mobile phone shops, second-hand electrical city…… For winter’s own words: "to sell things, almost all sold out". In the winter after renamed after, decided to develop a web site source, so China source Daquan came into being. "The Internet can really make money, but ordinary people is not so easy to imagine, any mistakes, you are likely to lose everything." Speaking about her experience, the winter sigh, "I am a road bleed over, go today is not easy, I dare not say that the secret of success, but failed many times, some experience, is not difficult to teach readers online shop." Do this site is to share with you a little bit of experience, to help the majority of the owner to find sources, find a way to shop.

online shop should sell strange

"selling online, first to choose" what to sell ", must take into account its finance, commodity property and transportation problem, the current online selling more excellent traditional products including clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, mobile phone accessories, Home Furnishing. Online shop to sell these things and traditional shops are not much difference, to elect the gas prosperous stores, and to choose the right visibility, competitive products."

does not think the traditional products in the winter, the network has a slow-moving state, if you want to make money, it is best to open shops, "now is the main characteristics of the goods of our products, as long as you can find the suit fashionunique goods within a month to earn 100 thousand is not difficult, like the earlier popular homemade jewelry, toys, apparel customized DIY, businesses are making a full bowl, although after the launch there are other businesses to follow suit, but earn big is definitely the first shop."

customers are mostly white-collar

"survey data from some authorities, the online shopping of people are white-collar or quasi 65% white-collar workers, 32% are students, we must try to sell things to the two groups, especially white-collar workers, their lavish, and have high brand loyalty, as long as there is a good sale process, long-term cooperation is possible."

it is reported that, in recent years, fashion jewelry, brand lighters, mobile phone, jeans is the most popular white-collar products. according to the news, the first half of this year, the average monthly crystal bracelet can sell more than 800 roots, a jade pendant monthly volume is reached more than 3000. "The best online selling jewelry mainly cheap goods, motionless on thousands of genuine never people buy online." Has a certain status symbol of Zippo lighters is the sales network. Only "Zippo classic chrome", eBay 2009 annual sales of more than 200 thousand; selling mobile phones must dazzle, can take pictures and camera phone is a hot selling this year, like the phone will not put

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