group 800 released a sample survey report of June 17 group purchase website group purchase market, total sales of 762 million yuan (with TechWeb


[TechWeb] reported on July 28th, the group 800 website recently released in June domestic buy site survey report, the report shows that in June the number of buy site increased by up to 4678, the growth rate slowed down significantly in. Total sales of 762 million yuan, although the recovery is still lower than the beginning of growth.

Survey report for the

17 large group purchase website sales data in 40 hot city, according to the report, in June the number of national group purchase website reached 4678, added 168, this data is much lower than in May (May new 262), group purchase website number to maintain the growth rate slowed. These 40 cities to buy site sales of $762 million, an increase of 17.4% over the previous month, buy the market has recovered faster growth.

for the May sales stalled, the industry had predicted the inflection point group purchase industry has emerged, but the group of 800, group purchase from the market this month’s performance, May sales have "diving" suspects.


team said, on the one hand, this phenomenon can be interpreted as normal fluctuations in the market; on the other hand, since since March this year, the entire industry into the precipitation period, the industry standard in place gradually, improve self-discipline consciousness, group purchase site tended to be more rapid expansion and refinement operators "grasping" development ideas, to improve the enterprise the whole operation ability. This reversal of the momentum of radical thinking, the direct response in the market is the steady decline in sales.

report shows that the number of online shopping sites and online sales have been very large scale, the amount of transactions in June and more than 50 million yuan in the city of more than 40 yuan to reach more than 9. Which glutinous rice network to achieve an absolute increase of more than 2600 yuan, ranking the top 10 sales in jumped to the top of the rankings in May.

glutinous rice net sales in June amounted to 85 million 690 thousand yuan, compared with sales of $59 million in May increased by more than $26 million, the growth rate of more than 50%. Second only to handle the network, ranking second in the domestic buy site.

in addition, in June the national single group purchase website sales of more than 1 million yuan a total of 17 large single pen, glutinous rice nets occupies 7, Beijing Jackie Chan Yiu Lai international studios 36 yuan double and glutinous rice network launched viewing package, to buy 160 thousand passengers, single sales of 5 million 760 thousand yuan, a group purchase website in June the largest single sales group purchase project.

glutinous rice network announced in June this year, eLong and other strategic cooperation with Focus Media, open up glutinous rice network and Renren account, publish a number of initiatives such as glutinous rice network mobile client. Chairman and chief executive officer of the company, said Chen Yizhou, the future will invest more money into glutinous rice.

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