sea silver capital co-founder Wang Yuquan, the China Telecom released the event Tianyi cloud and 3W coffee "developer support plan" speech, think now is a good opportunity to cloud computing business, grass root and rich handsome people have a strong demand, entrepreneurs must seize the segments, depth analysis of demand can be successful.

with the rapid growth of cloud computing platform, and then acquired by the giant, the U.S. IT industry to become a new trend of entrepreneurship. As Instagram is the social giant Facebook for $1 billion before the acquisition, with Amazon’s AWS cloud service platform provided by the rapid growth of the industry leader; Tumblr recently by YAHOO to $1 billion 100 million acquisition, but also the rapid growth of the industry shock let companies use third party cloud service platform. In China, it is the telecom operators, Internet giants, third party platforms are in this huge market to seize the cloud computing.

big data in the impetuous period, to make money when the

talk about the entrepreneurial opportunities for cloud computing has not come up Wang Yuquan suggested entrepreneurs to consider 3 points.

the first point, the typhoon in the end there is no come? The next two years, there is still a lot of opportunities in the cloud computing, one is the market did not rise, especially in the Chinese market, the giant is brewing. Now the big data unusual fire, indicating that the industry is still in the impetuous period. This group of companies is difficult to live, but the real giants are now born and evolved. As the year yinghaiwei to die, but a four cubic meters, homeopathy, become today’s sina.

second, the typhoon is divided into two kinds: someone in the wrong place above typhoon Ying step Qingyun, some people stand, fall in China, with smashed to pieces, the chance to trap is often a step away.

cloud computing is the current situation of the cloud is more seamless, more bandwidth, faster, cloud computing capability has increased, the outbreak has come, a significant symbol of the rapid growth of the game. Behind the game industry is not doing a good job, but the user needs to highlight the main needs of children in the two or three tier cities.

server content is more important than the end of the client side. Engage in the importance of UI is not as good as the algorithm, in China, a good moment UI was copied.

third points, entrepreneurship is a very interesting thing, the opportunity to come, but belong to you?. Pay attention to self-criticism, bigger is not easy, but the market concentration is not enough. Don’t be too hasty before starting a business, make a decision on your head, it’s not reliable. Wang Yuquan invested a lot of social networking companies, this is because China does not exceed 1000 social computing. They integrate with each other again, more concentrated. Entrepreneurs should polish eyes, think about their own problems. This is conducive to success.

Wang Yuquan suggested that entrepreneurs do cloud computing business, as

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