what is affiliate marketing?

Marketing marketing (Affiliate) is a kind of pay by effect, do not spend money to make money, the network marketing model. The Weiyi alliance marketing professional services, advertisers according to the marketing effect (such as sales or telephone guidance effect) pay commissions, save marketing expenses, improve the quality of marketing; membership owners are through advertising and advertisers, and get a commission into, to achieve the long-term benefits.

only union operating mode

when an advertiser joined Weiyi, set up their own advertising activities (including advertising, advertising Settings link address, the marketing effect and effect of unit settlement price etc.), you can publish your own webmaster advertising campaign to members through the system. When members of the Weiyi have joined the system through the system and advertisers to play the advertiser’s advertising campaign to reach an agreement, the members of the webmaster can be the advertiser’s ad posted on its website.

Weiyi will use its system to manage and track the release of these ads and the completion of the marketing effect.

when a visitor visits the site and clicks on the ad, Weiyi’s system tracks the subsequent behavior of the visitor. As long as this visitor occurred when the advertiser in the advertising campaign specified marketing effect, Weiyi will be recorded, and regularly through the relevant statements to inform the relevant advertisers and members of the webmaster.

what is paid by the effect of

effect: visitors to the site to see the ads on the site after the click and arrive at the link page, download, registration or purchase and other follow-up behavior.

According to the effect of

billing: advertisers according to the number of subsequent behavioral advertising after the release of website visitors to advertising generated (i.e. number of) for settlement members and owners, and not according to the number of visitors to the website advertising reach for settlement.

advertisers in the system of advertising activities, it must be clear that each advertising campaign marketing requirements and the effect of the unit settlement price.

only Commission type

1.CPS (cost per salse): Commission for the sale of the type of sales, that is, in accordance with the arrival of the advertisers to specify the effectiveness of the monitoring points of the total effectiveness of the accounting. The cost is set to a fixed amount per person, or a percentage of the sales of the product.

2.CPL (cost per lead): the Commission of the billing method for the boot type, that is, in accordance with the arrival of advertisers to specify the effectiveness of the monitoring point of the effective user billing. Cost set to fixed amount per.

3.CPC (cost per click): Commission billing for the click type, that is, according to the advertiser specified >

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