2014 is the first year of micro business, a wide range of micro business products springing up, covering almost everyone’s circle of friends. Whether big or small manufacturers also manufacturers are eager for a fight want in this huge potential market share a cup of soup. Step into 2015, micro business more intense market competition, the business model is more mature; but it also means "someone happy people worry! So, how to deal with the change of the market, how to achieve sustainable, this is not only for micro business vendors brains, is also pressing concerns of agents.

March 9th, starting in the spring of Guangzhou Beauty Expo is a derivative of big business, micro business people to seize the opportunity, and the European media quanmei Beauty Expo site watch


Beauty Expo set up micro business area: Hot booth a dozen huge crowds of people easily


micro business trends, Beauty Expo is also part of the micro business enterprises to provide exclusive exhibition in hall 9.2; of course, "the ten derivative nine mask", many enterprises also choose to set up micro Pavilion in hall 10.2 mask area, this year’s Beauty Expo micro business brand is relatively concentrated, strong contrast.

entered the micro business area, crowded, crowded. Each are busy to have the intention to understand the agents to provide consulting, product sales, all large booth is almost full, the staff busy everywhere.

Si Bu this year as Beauty Expo micro business leader, a large booth in a 500 square meter set in the exhibition hall, this is also the second largest Beauty Expo a booth, Si Bu’s five brands all exhibitors, from the mask hand cream to create a series of skin care products, with two floor experience area, convenient on-site customer consulting experience. For think port, the United States and Asia so much investment, more for their own publicity, attract attention.

ten year old beauty in the mask area prominent position camp, booth style is more three-dimensional, science and technology, the technology of the mask appeared at all. Booth in addition to product promotion, more is the image of publicity for last year’s fluorescent agent rumor is ubiquitous, LCD TV, floor tiles, rolling broadcast propaganda and so on, in order to establish public confidence for its products, make quality assurance.

in addition, many of the micro business also choose Beauty Expo ever to take the field situation, by the staff team placards walking, distributed bags, the whole street "".

professional line of words you know: we are also micro business!

Anglee as a professional line of well-known large enterprises, after a few years ago in the line, and in 2015 officially joined the micro business. In the booth of the sales staff said, "Amitabha is taking the line and sell a single product model, derivative products are mainly for the original products of the enterprise, franchisees, agents through the purchase of specified products, for registered members, you can get Anglee micro mall places, enjoy zero risk and objective commission.

and God color is directly set up for the micro channel brand booth, also set up from >

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