business an industry trend is also very hot, all kinds of electricity providers gathered in the Internet, it is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong fire, so a few years. However, this year the electricity supplier continues to spread negative news, from the group purchase have been closed down, to the Huha network was hacked and employees pay talks to the garment industry website, the electricity supplier boss where veterans leave the capital chain and outgoing message, can be said to be yiboweiping another


24 coupons recent news is really too much, overdue wages, payment arrears businesses, the majority of stations were forced to close, Chengdu station according to the payment of suspected unlicensed and so on, and for the 24 large-scale voucher payment of arrears of the industry is not surprised, because 24 coupons of capital chain news has spread for a long time the industry. The reason is the excessive burn, capital chain breaking the expansion of appearance can not be full and close the door.

24 off the news has not yet ended, but called the ha ha network was black, because of arrears of wages. The website was hacked, the hacker will Huha network founder Lian tingkai photos posted on the official website, and wrote "Lian tingkai owed to the company all staff insurance, housing provident fund for half a year, and wage arrears, now not seen". This text is signed as "WOOHA staff". According to industry insiders revealed that the current call ha 90% employees have left the company, the business is almost stagnant.



was in the Huha network and 24 tickets of the wind has not in the past, and came every guest, IPO delay and veterans leave the capital chain news. Where the clothing business leader, everyone for having heard it many times, can be said to be known and advertising is everywhere. Yesterday, some friends broke the dead stock, staff wages VANCL billions every year at least 500 million yuan, four years accumulated deficit may exceed 2 billion yuan. Where the customer said is a rumor, but There are no waves without wind., I believe that friends broke the news not only some access. Weakness lends wings to rumours.. Aside from the funding problems, then postponed two veterans leave and IPO is enough to explain where there are serious problems.

business is regarded as a football money industry may indeed take a lot of money, but spending more than their income, more income also fill the bottomless hole hole. 24 coupons have repeatedly said that the capital adequacy, get financing, so why should default employee wages and merchant payment? Huha network rumor collapse of itself! Founder Lian tingkai said in an interview with reporters "very angry", and said that the board of directors of the company to the company’s future better development "on the grounds, in November 6th this year forced his way in current CEO Yan Jingyi, chairman of the registration and cancellation of his CEO to the identity of the company mailbox, asked to resign from the legal representative of the company and position. In the face of the board of directors, as the founder of the Lian tingkai was very do not understand, but considering the hope that the company more professional management operations, will own the ‘child’ raised strong ", will swallow down. A swallow, a good.

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