recently saw a lot of people are very confused about the profit model of the forum, so would like to write an article related to the fact that the forum is also a website, the profit model of course, first of all, from the traditional website profit model to consider.

is the first advertisement, network advertisement is to earn money, the key is your standing flow to be big, also must choose appropriate advertisers, some junk online alliance don’t do it, you also do not flow again big money, most give you a little hard, the best contact with you about the theme of the Forum of corporate advertising, will have a good effect. Typical

out of date: Home page advertising a bit 3000/ months, as well as banner

webmaster forum Month forum advertising tens of thousands of

this kind of forum mode need to have a larger flow, to reach a certain influence; force, time to be longer.

second, a VIP suites, restricted access to specific pages, to charge membership fees. The forum is powerful, you can limit the special pages to provide specific information, must be the sole original practical information, and the best preserved routine to discuss the layout, to retain visitors. This must be set up at the beginning of the charges, so that visitors from the beginning of the habit. From the beginning of the profit, because the VIP members will have to pay a fee, there are a lot of forum members to upgrade the VIP VIP is actually a disguised form of fees typical of

Internet Forum

this site VIP membership in two ways, one is for your VIP area, the other is the main charge, this forum is very good, the creative achievements of many websites, people also saw the importance of creative success of a website, the forum dedicated to provide some good ideas to do stand ideas, promotion profit good ideas are original and practical information, fees are not high 60 yuan can get lifetime membership account, compared with some information website hundreds of membership fees, the majority of users can be accepted. This forum has been profitable for thousands of years, and the total number of members reached more than and 100.

third, rental space, you may have heard filed 39 Health Network Forum, the forum is to profit rental to Guangdong health consultation and hospital units, this is actually a very worthwhile approach, some real enterprises now have joined the network marketing, but it is a popular gathering the problem, directly to a hot forum here is a shortcut, which is the market.

fourth, to carry out the line of business, which is currently some forum especially effective methods commonly used local forums, through the development of members of the Party group purchase and business cooperation, some tourism forum often group travel, entertainment and Hotel Forum and cooperation for the party, and so on, the Hangzhou local more >

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