on how to do a good job in the electricity supplier (1) talked about the positioning of the electricity supplier, as well as the customer how to simply say how to attract customers to enter the electricity supplier website some means. As the saying goes, easy to fight Jiangshan difficult, the fact is the case, then this article will talk about how to retain customers.

a, analysis of old customer behavior

is also a customer, but the new and old customers behavior is different, like a new customers come to your website, certainly the first is more doubt, doubt, fear of being cheated, afraid of fishing and so on, you need to provide heavy ink painting such as the third party certification, detailed contact to him, let him first of all is to eliminate doubts. And the old customers, old customers is the successful purchase of many times, this website has been accepted, then you need to provide more packages to attract him, and old customers with the settling time, will slowly to the reason, you need to constantly give him a reason to stay. Let this buying behavior continue. Therefore, with the support of technology, analysis of the behavior of the old customers, and provide new customers different pages.

two, analysis of purchasing behavior

analysis of purchasing behavior, to the old customers need more concessions, more typical is the VIP mechanism, this is actually more Tencent for the Taobao VIP also reach the acme of perfection, out of system, this business can learn, VIP can allow customers to continue to buy, buy more and more concessions, there is a feeling addicted. Here the customer lifetime value of mining.

three, regular promotions

regular promotional activities, customers can stimulate consumption, of course it needs cooperation, such as the station’s eye-catching publicity, through customer leave contact information such as email, send promotional activities to let customers informed that customers receive after a great opportunity to the consumer, there can be a hunger marketing ", only limited" words can help purchasing power.

four, the establishment of community-based platform

The establishment of

community platform, to build a platform for the exchange between the old customers, this is not difficult to understand, the customer on the site if you never just stay in the trading relationship, no other additional value is easily defeated by his opponent, the most simple price war is bad, so you need to provide some additional value to customers the appetite, increase customer stickiness, make the whole process not only in the trading relationship, building a community network platform based on the need of sustainable development.

five, a caring friend

customers in your site customers, you should treat as a friend, said the customer is God is empty, you’re too far away from God, but a friend is different, what major holidays send SMS blessing, blessing friends, send greetings to you, the customer may not come a long time see, the message may be to think of your site, perhaps again.


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