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China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that the next five years, the market scale of fresh electricity supplier industry is about 100 billion yuan, accounting for 15% of the proportion of the total sales of fresh, is an important goal of the relay attack, 3C clothing and cosmetics category. As people living in the relatively high frequency of food, fresh market demand, the development prospects are quite optimistic. Whether it is the Internet giant, Tmall, Ali’s Jingdong home, Amazon, or vertical fresh, SF Tootoo, every orchard, preferably, or is a new force, my kitchen, Dmall, Petya mall and so on, have vied for fresh electricity supplier, however the current market structure is not clear.

competition, trapped in the "burning" puzzle

According to the survey data

Penguin cool display, 45.2% users online to buy fresh because the price is more affordable, one week time users accounted for 12.4%, half to buy a user account for 11.1%, occasionally buy users is as high as 65.8%. The advantage is that the price of fresh electricity at present, in the culture market early, was doomed to be a big burn".

in addition to common circle of friends in the online shopping list, such as cherries and supermarkets compared to cheap tens of dollars a pound, attracted netizens have orders to share a circle of friends "panic buying, the results of the sun", in addition to the line to push such as sweep the two-dimensional code concern polite, send coupons, send fruit, or directly from new users a single, large and small tricks in the form of fresh electricity although frequent, but the means and ends are the same, burn to the culture market.

fresh play a lot, and whether it is B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B or O2O fried hot this year, at present the vast majority of fresh electricity providers, has been in a state of "burning", the real profitability of good business does not appear, the earlier statistics, China’s fresh market size of nearly trillion however, the permeability is less than 1%, that is to say, there are still a lot of fresh business opportunities, and another batch of entrepreneurs to attack the fresh death case, also shows that the fresh electricity is really well done, though, there are still on the road constantly fought, fresh electricity market is on the way to be exploration, did not start off.

is difficult to do fresh electricity industry generally cognition, however, game player is bujianfanzeng, data show that in 2013 China fresh electricity supplier transactions amounted to 13 billion yuan, an increase of 221%; 2014 this group of data were 26 billion yuan and 100%. Fresh enticing; on the other hand, fresh goods with higher gross margin, according to Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center test data show that the current electricity supplier of fresh high margin average can reach 30%~40%, especially to locate in the organic, high-quality, imported products of higher profits, when businesses attempt to occupy the fertile territory perhaps, ready to spend heavily to investment.

for online shopping fresh users, car seed war may not be strange, 201>

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