[review] Jingdong will be officially in December 28th in eastern China for individual consumers to issue electronic invoices.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) December 23rd news, following the pilot in Beijing individual electronic invoices, Jingdong to further expand the scope of electronic invoices pilot. Jingdong today announced that the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal State Taxation Bureau and other relevant departments to support and approval, Jingdong has become the first batch of electronic invoices pilot enterprises in Shanghai.

informed sources, Shanghai round Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Jingdong group, will be officially opened in December 28th for the eastern region of individual consumers invoicing. The highlight is to expand the scope of application of electronic invoices to the entire East China region of individual consumers, and not just limited to the Shanghai local consumer.

, such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, Suqian and other eastern regions of individual consumers can visit the Jingdong to buy part of the self (books, audio and video), a variety of categories of goods, choose to issue electronic invoices. After the order is completed, the user will receive the system through the reserved phone number or mailbox to receive the electronic invoice information.

due to realize seamless docking of Shanghai electronic Invoicing service platform for Jingdong and aerospace information technology related to the system construction, in addition to the user can query the electronic invoice in Jingdong, but also in the city of Shanghai electronic Invoicing service platform, query, print and download the client through the mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code or electronic invoice number and other information.

it is reported that Jingdong recently selected the national electronic invoices and electronic accounting archives comprehensive pilot list, will cooperate with the relevant government departments to accelerate the electronic invoice business can be reimbursed model. Analysts believe that the future of electronic Invoicing approval and scope will be further expanded.

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