this year is very busy as everyone knows, Ali, busy in a complete mess, in addition to the shopping guide website campaigns, comprehensive ban on WeChat entrance, to enter the mobile social software, finally even Amoy to an iron fist remediation, Ali’s approach is various, the moment is people like Zhang two monks confused. There are reports of a Hangzhou female owner of producing fake commodities was arrested, yesterday, in the Taobao search "shorts" "men" and other words appear all Tmall businesses, bug

?At the same time,

has been very admire Ali PR team, large-scale Taobao off the account before freezing, a series of storm Taobao store sellers siege has not been resolved, the eight terms proposed Taobao small C who did not get a formal response on Ali, it is successful to use Taobao heavily buyout Shuangseqiu, involved in the transaction message – Taobao sellers to cover the public opinion in the teeth of the storm and the Taobao twelve, but not as a kind of double eleven race to the top "30 billion" turnover target.

According to Taobao

is given, twelve day transaction data is 2 million 640 thousand Taobao sellers on this day to achieve turnover. According to previously disclosed data show that the total number of sellers Taobao is about 7000000, which means that the remaining 5 million sellers are zero turnover. If you go back to double 11, Tmall 70 thousand sellers on leveraging sales by 35 billion. Compared to the two, for the majority of small sellers, the annual carnival has no relationship with them 10 fen. But why would Ali want to suppress small C?

Psycholagny conjecture:

, Ali listed on the road a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the resistance of stone


listed on the road is not smooth, its unique partnership is the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has previously admitted that Ali will be listed on its own B2B business in Hongkong, is known as a grand carnival capital, but in 12 years to now announced delisting, listed on the HKEx, but not so optimistic. After the storm broke up one after another listed Ali listed on the HKEx’s opportunity to turn towards the pace of overseas.

Taobao makes many people become millionaires, so that consumers shopping more convenient, more rapid development of the logistics industry, changing people’s way of life but also rewrite the fate of many people. However, the Taobao in the market due to the nature of the low threshold and the liberalization of goods, quality is uneven, the pronoun in most people’s minds is fake, false trading, also received criticism of overseas capital, coupled with the Ma before the incident of "Alipay" in the overseas capital market left a very bad impression. And from the beginning of the "Taobao" breast "Aphrodisiac" and other words of shielding, structure adjustment has also seen Ali Ali’s determination, even once the Taobao division as a division of Ali largest were also included in the Tao, gradually fade in Ali system position, Ali overseas listing of the road is an inevitable move for Taobao to rectify.


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