online shopping can be no reason to return within seven days after the implementation of the first online shopping Carnival –

double eleven after welcoming the tide of return nearly 20%

per day


13 to 22 is the peak courier arrived, but also the peak return.

when we are still at this year’s Tmall "double eleven" transactions exceeded 91 billion 217 million yuan, and began surging undercurrent. This "double eleven" is the new revision of the "consumer protection law" after the enactment of the first online shopping carnival, "the implementation of online shopping seven days no reason to return and other terms, provide legal support for the online shopping consumer rights, to give consumers a right to regret". Yesterday, the reporter interviewed found that the public has been sent to the merchant goods, some people side of the courier, while it began to return.

phenomenon to express delivery parcel is not satisfied with the spot return

at noon yesterday, the reporter arrived at the city of Quanzhou Citong road STO service point, the store filled with a variety of packages, a staff member is squatting on the ground, busy these parcels are classified. From 13 to the peak of the courier arrived between 22 days, every day we have a large number of courier service." Xiao Wang, the staff member said, while his colleagues have been driving the car to pick up the afternoon is about to arrive.

"these two days are often received to return the phone, but we have time to come to get a piece of ah." Wang said, the return of the day can reach 20% of the total amount of express. During this period if you want to return, we have to allow customers to deliver goods to their own service points, but also packaged, or we do not have time to help pack, can only be loaded bags." He said that some of the more eager buyers directly to their service with express, live apart to see if there is a problem, return immediately.

is also located in the urban area of Citong road rhyme delivery service is also filled with the package, the staff said the two day delivery at the same time, also received a lot of return. In fact, we can wait for the peak and then return, we are busy." SF Express staff said, "online shopping seven days no reason to return in second days after the date of receipt of buyers at 0:00 to calculate, raised within 7 days of return application are effective. "We do not recommend impatient, try to choose the Miss return peak, alleviate the pressure of logistics."

reasons for the uneven quality of goods buyers try to buy back

cheap buy some clothes, skin care products and daily necessities." In Huian, a business Wu said that these days items have arrived, really received a disappointment. "Some clothes and net too much difference, not only the color, quality in general; some clothes is good quality, but is not fit to wear. Skin care products are, I do not know whether the shipment is too large, I bought the winter with moisture, but sent me with a thin summer." She >

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