yesterday announced the HC international, will launch a new English website, and put it into local exporters and foreign buyers between contact and trading platform, with YAHOO (Yahoo) alliance enterprise Alibaba ( competition. The CEO Guo Fansheng told the "First Financial Daily reporters, only in order to get the domain name, HC spent about 1000000 yuan.
      domestic Internet enterprises engaged in service industry Alibaba, HC and Baidu have been showed a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. Not long ago, YAHOO invested $1 billion 700 million acquisition of shares of Alibaba after the market pattern quietly changed in. Baidu and ICBC formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement e-commerce, the two sides will cooperate in the field of online payment and other fields. Form becomes more subtle. Not long ago, Hui Cong net is more Alibaba to seize a domain name with its similarity to the Alibaba to court.

for the to enter the online export business, Alibaba public relations director Wang Shuai told reporters, for anything HC Alibaba do not comment, he also told reporters the Alibaba is not registered with HC domain close to the HC3600.COM, so the Alibaba is no basis for prosecution.


into a high-profile foreign trade

Guo Fansheng told reporters that the current English Huicong network technology and architecture have been set up is completed, just waiting for the right time released. But Guo Fansheng is not willing to disclose the site specific launch time to reporters, but said it would launch scheduled after the recent launch of version 2 Chinese hc.

for the content of the website will copy all the HC, which exists in the HC English version, Guo Fansheng told reporters: if the user is willing, will now Chinese version of the content in translation related to import and export in the past, and may be at the beginning of the launch of the free mode to attract users to do business on the platform.

previously, Alibaba is strong in foreign trade, HC is strong in the domestic trade, while Baidu is the first two modes of B2B, has always insisted on the use of B2C sales model.

according to the relevant agency data show that the current China GDP, 40% import and export, and HC if there are 100 million yuan of business, there are 20% related to import and export.

"the new site will be mainly targeted at small and medium-sized foreign customers." Guo Fansheng told reporters that the English version is no meaning for large enterprises, they have a very good system in the domestic procurement, through Chinese websites can be completed, but the small and medium-sized enterprise is very difficult to have enough energy to Chinese procurement website.

for the new English website construction funds will come from where, Guo Fansheng now admits it has not made a final decision, but he believes that HC as a listed company, the money should not be too difficult. He told reporters that the HC account there are more than 100 million yuan cash available >

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