baby industry is recognized as the bitter industry, high barriers to entry, is extremely sensitive to the security, money is not easy to burn.

but one industry is so bitter, there are so many waves die on the beach, there are a group of people have rushed inside. Its charm, the first in two trillion of the market, the second is no absolute leader.

such an infinite potential and problematic industries, from what point of view will be the best solution?

pattern of maternal and child electricity supplier

According to the survey data

iResearch show, with the "two-child policy" in the open, the baby boom will usher in a new wave of domestic, there will be 20 million births per year to 2015, the market will reach 2 trillion of the giant baby. 80 90 is gradually growing into the main consumer groups maternal and child market. This new consumer groups, not only for the mother and child industry has brought a huge incremental market, but also for the market to bring more new changes and new gameplay.

from the current point of view, compared to the complexity of the pattern of other industries, the pattern of maternal and child electricity supplier platform is relatively clear, in general, is a comprehensive platform based, supplemented by an independent B2C". Integrated platform, Jingdong, shop No. 1, Tmall and Dangdang, occupy more than 80% of the current online market share. Independent B2C, for example, babe network Leyou, wheat Tesco and sea scouring websites, most of the development is good, but relatively comprehensive platform, the volume is very small.

overall, maternal suppliers very chaotic dragons and fishes jumbled together. In order to compete for market share, the industry is full of price war, resulting in the last few years, the mother and child industry continued to reduce customer prices. Tmall maternal and child, for example, many people may feel that maternal and child products are very high-end, the price is hundreds of pieces, but in fact, before the overall price of Tmall baby only 70 yuan. Taobao seller fast and powerful explosion of imitation ability, also is adding to the confusion.

Taobao Tmall platform businesses do not live well, the big seller is experiencing the size of the bottleneck, and even the most basic survival of small sellers are difficult to guarantee. At present, Tmall first business monthly sales of only about ten million, compared to the clothing beauty category hundreds of millions of data, is actually very low. And have class TOP businesses, they think it is not a shop to do more, but to open more shops to sales. On the other hand, some online next year sales of tens of millions of businesses, but only a few million online sales. Although they have thousands of workers in the factory, the product quality is excellent, but in Taobao, the operation has been very advanced play, they can not solve the problem of talent and resources.

settled in the third party platform businesses are also facing a dilemma, the subject matter is difficult, but not the amount of non-standard products. Jingdong, for example, the subject matter of the high cost of the settlement, but will be subject to many questions, rather than the subject matter, it is difficult to rush to high sales.

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