micro-blog to sell the shares and is not meant to the verge of collapse, from the innovation angle above, is looking for development, as recently as 2345, is selling some of the shares to grow their own strength to win the money to the Internet at the stable position, and the Alibaba and Sina micro-blog cooperation is a relatively promising investment.

if we thought now Sina micro-blog no way, then wrong, maybe in the past when they are at a loss, but from now on, Sina has achieved revenue from Sina, released in 2013 second quarter financial report above, advertising revenue has been achieved is increasing trend 209%, is around $thirty million, while micro-blog’s value-added business revenue is relatively increased by 186%, to achieve revenues of $seven million, from the Sina micro-blog members, is a good business, small sentry remember too QQ to do


Alibaba’s cooperation must be accounted for, not just for the flow entrance, more attention is the interests of cooperation after. Sina’s revenue from the above point of view, at least Alibaba’s income is not low, the cooperation between the two sides are with their own brought huge benefits to the micro-blog. If an enterprise has achieved revenue, there will be a greater motivation to do the product itself, so here is the Sina side said, will reduce the relative brand advertising products.

From the above

competition, must fight at outrance situation, but from the enemy’s enemy is my friend above, do not think so. According to industry estimates, now the Alibaba is the lack of a relatively mature point of social media, in such a way to promote their own products, but a successful social media is not easy to develop, so the Alibaba is playing the stock purchase way.

why do network giants like to cooperate with


is now the Internet competition is more and more big, and the Alibaba is facing a lot of pressure on the one hand, is now more and more electricity supplier website, also is to see the Tencent and Baidu are trying to meddle in here, from the Tencent, has been done with Pat and if the group purchase. Mature technology, will be developed, this situation is not willing to see Alibaba, who would be willing to give to others mouth meat? So for a period of time in front of the top Alibaba is announced, will shield WeChat’s traffic.

e-commerce platform is the customer needs, but the customer is from a lot of traffic above, if only rely on Taobao and Tmall itself, or by a Amoy search, are unable to meet their own, therefore, to find some more staff gathering places needed here, QQ is not able to consider, but also as a popular tool for micro-blog, Alibaba.

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