eleven, twelve soon, presumably most businesses are concerned about the traffic problem, but you have not thought about how to transform the use of existing traffic? After all, the ultimate goal is to attract traffic to achieve transformation, and restore the loss of orders is one of the most effective ways to promote the transformation of the. You know, the order in the shopping cart is a big deal. Rather than spend a lot of money to attract new traffic, it is better to spend more time to retrieve the exact order here.

one, the role of shopping cart


for buyers, the role of shopping cart has three main categories:

is the first category of shopping cart as a reference for the purchase decision, which accounted for a larger proportion of buyers. These consumers are accustomed to the store like a baby together, shopping comparison with each other, thus making decisions. Here buyers reference factors will be biased in favor of goods, so mainly through the purchase price and then purchase. Therefore, they will choose according to the budget, this part of the emphasis on rational consumer spending.

is the second class buyers shopping cart as a settlement tool, which is part of the customer accounting is not small, is very clear demand of buyers, they usually choose baby, will complete the payment directly to the cashier, and then waiting for the baby to the door. This part of the customer is dominated by men.

third is the buyers shopping cart as a temporary collection, instead of the favorites feature, this kind of consumer purchase intention and interest of the baby, but for some reason shilly-shally, took the baby into the shopping cart, so that later reconsidered.

two, the reasons for the delay payment shopping cart

the reasons for the delay in payment are generally the following:

1, there are doubts about the product: want to buy a lot of baby sales, but no evaluation, so we have to wait until after the evaluation;

2, a variety of trade-offs: shopping cart has a lot of like the baby, but the total price exceeded the budget, so tangled consideration, the need to make trade-offs;

3, compared to the same: a few shops have been compared to the baby, all interested in the shopping cart, but also make the final choice.

three, shopping cart order loss customer type

for shopping cart order churn users, we can be divided into two categories.

is the first to buy, but in the end the other shops are attracted to the preferential activities, that is, "petty gain";

second is the decision to buy in your shop, but because of the accident can only be put in the shopping cart, to pay again later, but a long time will inevitably forget, or for the baby no longer interested, this belongs to the forgetful customer.

1, greedy cheap

for the first customer, the treasurer can try to set some advantages in the shopping cart.

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