lead: in damage to store fresh high rate of about 1/3. The fruit of Maori is very high, the purchase price of 1.8 grapes can buy 3.3, but after deducting damage and sale processing part of the profit is very low.

popular online saying "do not die fresh, fresh". The face of nearly trillion in fresh market even die, bigwigs on a honeycomb, Tmall, Jingdong have launched a fresh channel, vertical SF preferred, originally life; even the recent LETV also launched a "happy life". The country’s large and small fresh electricity supplier is not less than a few thousand, I am located in the vicinity of e-commerce is one of them, a three line of small cities, fresh electricity supplier. The following is a summary of some for several months.

1 fresh for local

fresh electricity supplier is better to start from the local, personal feeling is quite difficult to do nationwide. The main difficulty is logistics, now even the fastest SF and Jingdong, in Shanghai and Beijing this city can do the day of arrival, but if you like three lines of small city where I (Handan) was also the fastest to the next day. Fresh fruit as well, demand is relatively weak, and may one day does not matter, but most of the day to eat vegetables, even the fastest logistics can not do. Even if done, the cost is quite large, the cost is bound to lead to price increases, most of the residents of the three or four cities are more sensitive to price.

would you say, the Jingdong Tmall Ma Yunguang rookie logistics is ostentatious, hundreds of billions of investment, can bigwigs in each such city built logistics center. First, there are hundreds of cities like Handan, in each of these cities have built a large logistics center can imagine the cost. Secondly, even if the logistics center are built, Handan demand is limited, such as mangosteen, Handan needs only one hundred boxes, one hundred boxes are not directly from the origin distribution. If other fruits are used to build up a truckload of goods, the transportation cost will be reduced, but a larger logistics center must be built. So the first will choose the local fresh, fresh way suitable for the local, and bigwigs also did not attend the small city.

2 fresh in the final destination of the three or four cities is not o2o but electricity supplier

said many people end up fresh o2o is justified in a big city like Beijing, I visited Beijing fruit Tanner, a large passenger flow, short cycle, is not easy to save for fresh. I think there are three reasons for the large traffic volume; first, Beijing resident population of more than twenty million, Handan is only about two million. Second, Beijing city residents forced higher, care about the quality of the shopping environment. Third, small traders, in a big city for a long time, may not understand the small city situation, the appearance of the city is very poor, small traders like posted daily advertising on campus, everywhere is clean up, small city people care about the price, shopping environment and even health and are not followed. Fewer people, forced grid low, small traders caused the store into the store rate is low, small traffic. Line >

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