V5shop online mall system help online sales of small and medium enterprises official website

today, the impact of the unprecedented international financial crisis on the global economy, the damage caused by the enterprise is obvious, tens of thousands of domestic traditional small and medium enterprises closed down, many industries have been affected. However, people are surprised to find that the global Internet contrarian, Internet users more momentum, the rapid growth of e-commerce online sales. Indeed, the overall downturn in the economic environment of the environment, many small and medium-sized enterprises can not through traditional sales channels to maintain the stability and development of the enterprise, only by lower cost and more sustainable e-commerce online sales model to offset the decline of traditional retail channels. However, after the four revolution after the development of the Internet, too many small and medium-sized enterprise website still only and commodity exhibition, business promotion, press release as a whole, and online sales platform has more strategic significance has become a major bottleneck in the development and growth of the enterprises, restricting the further development of smes.

Analysis of the status quo of

traditional enterprise website

after more than and 10 years of rapid development, China has gradually formed a large-scale internet. According to the latest survey data show that the number of Chinese Internet users has more than 4 hundred million. The application of the Internet is gradually moving towards diversification, and it has penetrated into every field of human life. E-commerce online sales has also been rapid development in this stage. However, in many small and medium-sized enterprise website, still in the early stage of the company profile, product display, news reports and other traditional enterprise publicity, it is difficult to achieve e-commerce frenzy "".

from the consumer point of view, when he clicks on the official website of the company at the same time, has confirmed that it has a certain commodity demand. After the traditional corporate website browsing products, consumers often need to carry out online shopping. Traditional enterprise official website is difficult to achieve the discovery of demand, then stimulate consumption, consumption patterns, consumption contributed greatly reduced. Secondly, the industry generally believe that online sales is an inevitable trend in the future development of traditional clothing. We take the clothing industry as an example, Lining, ·, Jones, and other traditional clothing brand success, the official website of the transition, to accelerate the process of traditional clothing enterprises to test the waters of e-commerce. Online channels can not only become a powerful supplement to offline sales, and even can be propped up alone to operate a clothing brand.

also in the apparel industry as an example, according to iResearch released "2009-2010 China apparel B2C online shopping Research Report" shows that in 2009 China apparel online shopping market transactions amounted to 30 billion 870 million yuan, the growth rate of B2C is very obvious, 2012 transaction size is expected to exceed 18 billion yuan. Contain the tremendous business opportunities of the retail network, is attracting more and more like Lining’s traditional clothing brand "net" to test the water, accelerate the establishment of independent system of online shopping process.

when the competition accelerated the pace of sales line, small and medium-sized enterprises obviously weak, piaffe means more pleasure.

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