users, "8.18" and "6.18" and "double 11" of the three respectively by the three brands electricity supplier launched promotional nodes, should not be missed, see "8.18" is approaching, the network is increasingly strong electricity supplier war fireworks, Su ningyun yesterday held "Suning 818 mobile phone news day" the conference is headquartered in Nanjing, the campaign for the 3C category online sales at the same time, is also an occasion to Suning communications business reorganization officially announced the establishment of Suning Internet company".

Suning communications integrated service provider

it is understood that Suning Internet company "the business scope includes mobile phone retail, business, virtual operators, intelligent Home Furnishing e-books and gaming platform, through the integration of industrial chain resources, online parallel, in order to provide the latest and most intelligent terminal for consumers, and the fastest and most convenient service. The reorganization, but also marks Suning not only professional hardware sales channels, but also will become a comprehensive communications service provider. At the meeting, the reporter learned that, Suning communications business in the first half of 2015 contrarian growth, all the way, the communication scale overall sales growth of 69%, including online increase of $191%, is the fastest growing online business line, an increase of 43%, continue to maintain sales channels under the line leading industry.

Su ningyun chief operating officer Hou Enlong told reporters, after the communications business reorganization, consumers can Suning Tesco online and offline stores, enjoy a more cost-effective, more timely, more efficient and better services. Suning has 1600 stores nationwide, 361 service station, logistics warehousing strength, 235 city nearly 1000 counties nationwide have been able to do the next day, and the 818 year period, Suning will be in service upgrade again, "such as the focus of city mobile phone category will achieve 2 hours of rapid up service. Mobile phone price is relatively high to precious commodities, the courier hand will have the summer sweat, in order to give consumers a better consumer experience, Suning express little brother this year will wear white gloves to consumers’ mobile phone delivery to the hands of consumers, in addition, consumers can directly check the box machine, express little brother can also teach consumers to use methods to help consumers, the software installed, if necessary, express little buddy can also help consumers to take down the garbage."

cross-border cooperation, vendors sprint communications business


conference, Suning and HUAWEI, Samsung, Meizu, Nubian glory, and other brands signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in addition to clear the annual sprint sales target of 27 million units, also double operation and brand market coordination based O2O business model reached a high degree of consensus. In addition, Suning Internet to carry out cross-border cooperation with many Brand Company, overweight new identity service providers. If the United States with the largest share of the market to achieve a full range of wearable device brand Fitbit cooperation, in addition to stationed in Suning line under the line, Fitbit full range of products will be stationed in the first batch of Suning 500 stores nationwide. With the country’s largest GPS mobile social software

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