technology news May 30th afternoon news, according to sources, about taxes for online stores entered the countdown, the relevant ministries have begun to discuss specific tax measures, there may be the year of a 5% sales tax to shop.

shop tax imperative

shop tax has never been a new topic, but also caused a lot of business, industry debate. Today, titanium media quoted internal channels reported that the relevant departments of the state has accepted Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning and BBK Group Chairman Wang fill NPC and CPPCC on taxing electricity supplier proposal during the year is expected to be formally to the shop of a 5% sales tax.

according to sina science and technology confirmed that the relevant ministries are currently in the laws and regulations of the research and discussion stage, has been involved in specific measures, is expected to be implemented soon.

Zhang Jindong in March this year, in the proposal pointed out that online transactions are essentially sales behavior, online transactions should be taxed. China should adopt "e-commerce tax law", the establishment of e-commerce tax registration system, to implement the business transaction tax on the internet.

due to the B2C platform after several years of development has gradually determined the main business, B2C business tax has been the industry rules, and Zhang Jindong’s proposal is more pointed to a large number of C2C sellers.

Wang Tianze in NPC and CPPCC proposal said, although should change the current network shopping generally not billing, no tax on the situation, but the business with a small capital "the shop should be tax relief.

according to the "twenty-first Century economic report" the article said, in a secret meeting in March this year, held in Beijing, VC, PE investment institutions of Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of finance to attend a business investment experience for the specific operation of taxes, including how close problem how to operate.

it is worth noting that the State Administration of Taxation in April 1st this year, the official implementation of the network invoice management approach, was considered to be a precursor to the electricity supplier tax.

but then clarified the tax side, saying that the tax is not for online shopping and e-commerce, but the changes in the form of invoicing. But the "measures" network invoice management provisions of article fifteenth, the tax authorities of the province to ensure that meet the above network invoice electronic information generated correctly and reliable storage and query authentication and security only such conditions, can carry out the pilot work of electronic invoices."

Vice president of Central University of Finance and Economics,

School of Taxation, the State Department counselor Liu Huan previously said in an interview, "the relevant provisions of the electronic invoice", perhaps to tax electricity supplier left "live son". If you want to promote the future of the electricity supplier tax, the need for network tax bureau and electronic invoices and docking, which is the trend of the development of tax technology.

another information is displayed, October 2012 officially assumed the national e-commerce demonstration project of electronic invoices pilot work. has nearly.

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