Market: the best of times, the worst of times

2015 the full opening of China’s Chinese two-child policy, according to the sixth census, children aged 0-6 about 130 million of China’s population, accounted for 10% of the total population. The next 10 years is expected to increase by 190 million, an average annual birth of 16 million newborns. China’s new generation of maternal and child population per capita annual consumption of 5000 to 18000 yuan, in 2015 the total maternal and child market in China has reached $2 trillion. Huge demand for maternal and child market, the birth of the rapid development of maternal electricity supplier.

although the development trend of good but affected by maternal electricity providers, downward pressure on the economy, the capital market is still facing the Internet "cold". 2016, the financial investment circle is the hottest: capital winter. Over the past 10 months, access to financing companies rarely. The enterprise can survive, survive, would have been very difficult, let alone get huge financing.

recently announced the completion of a new round of baby electricity supplier honey bud low-key financing, has become a hot topic. In the fierce competition in the vertical electric district, there have been new platform was born, but also has disappeared. Spend tomorrow’s money today to save life, it seems to be the only way to survive the new brand, but just the trend for the honey bud. Recalling the development of honey bud five years, honey bud every step is very precise, not a little bit of waste.


met: with the beginning of the heart to maintain temperature

"do not forget the early heart", this sentence in the winter for extra capital. It can always find some brands such as the daily temperature, orchards, such as the E pet store, such as honey bud, have almost the same intention: because of love so share the best products to more people, this is the continuation of love.

with honey bud as an example, if not a mother, Liu Nan would not create honey bud brand, just two years time, honey bud from a Taobao store, a monthly sales of hundreds of millions of Chinese first imported baby products sale platform. Today, the creation of online platform mother 5 years accounted for almost half of the country maternal and child market. The first enabled spokesperson; first fun cross, mix mother and fashion, launched the "Honey bud Fashion Award"; the first occasion pan entertainment marketing, brand momentum to achieve the ultimate fusion; first try 020 line line, the mother, pregnancy, early childhood and family entertainment line opened, to establish maternal ecosystem. According to the 2016 new Internet TOP300 list, honey bud ranked 24, leading cross-border, maternal and child electricity supplier dual track. Why an entrepreneur will be able to break through? Obviously, feelings gave Liu Nan more opportunities to let her see the farther light.

capital: 1 billion cash to go from here?

Liu Nan for just two years, the founder of the company from a Taobao store, China first import sale platform into maternal and child supplies the fundamental monthly sales of hundreds of millions of dollars, obtained in sustainable profitability >

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