in writing this article, roughly searched related content, including two more targeted posts here to share all the Webmaster: the first is Wang Tong teacher: Wang Tong: kite skills Google secret, there is a figure wangdage hair: Google Adsense in Chinese interpretation scam.

now introduces after I killed it: 06 at the end of the year, with the predecessor of freedom dynamical system easy to do a QQ resource station, at that time, IP is about 5000, from the start station for about a month, in a group to meet some friends group, when talking about the very better, after a few conversations, to a template to each other, it seems to me quite suitable for my station, and asked him to come to no attention to is found for a template, and the atmosphere is much, popularity is soaring, people often add me QQ asked me to ask me that, at that time is just beginning to do stand, they asked me and I know the will, this day when the good times don’t last long ah, to apply for GG union account through the group of friends with the help of nearly a month, after a quick add my QQ later! He often asked me the template, then ask me to the template, I said to the others is not convenient for me to feel shy, and did not expect the other side to me said, you don’t give me your stand on the template you take care of your station, I do not know at that time is what he said no, take his words seriously, and later found that he is the webmaster, but someone asked me GG I have screenshots in, after three or four days. I received a letter from GG, said that my site is not too many clicks, has closed my account, and this is my panic, overwhelmed, ask friends. They are said to GG to reflect the situation, so I think with a repentant heart wrote a long review, a few days later they received a reply, said a lot of P, anyway, means can not recover the account, then the hate ah, count time. There is also 8$to pay the ~~

really depressed!

is someone to fixed advertising before this, until contact GG to blocked account time less than a month! It was really not willing, a station with a few words of their income is not, so live at once to 08 years in May, several times under consideration, to start a website, is a novel station, IP3000+, continued growth in front of really thought it was their own click invalid, so again for a few days, GG, GG through the application, was also happy for a while, after a few days, I have the ad code there is no time to go up on the site, and there I invalid click accounts to be stopped, I faint,


as shown above, on the day of the time that I dance B, the heart really speechless ah!

in July, QQ pops up a message, is a strange message, the other sent a URL, I went to see, this template is so familiar. "

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