Tencent science and technology Hu Jun May 26th reported

is a litchi season, but not many people pay attention to, the major electricity supplier platform is on sale, logistics and other online litchi launched a new round of competition, fresh fruits and vegetables is becoming a new focus for the domestic fresh electricity supplier.

in May this year, the group’s SF SF preferred, NINETOWNS group Tootoo and Taobao and other companies have launched a wave of fresh litchi taste "and" send lychee and other marketing activities to make fresh competition heating up again.

at the same time, the U.S. electricity supplier giant Amazon thrown 10 years in the mainland, the initial investment of $20 million stake in the Shanghai local electricity supplier vertical fresh delicious 77; COFCO’s I bought the network will open new warehouse, strengthen fresh overseas direct mining, the route to explore differences; after the listing of the Jingdong and also began to force further fresh Zhangzidao cooperation.

signs, fresh domestic electricity supplier industry began a resurgence after last year’s excellent dish network, fresh day, Yonghui supermarket, the selection of David and other martyrs.

is a fresh trillion scale potential market big cake, but also the domestic electricity supplier in the field of a few "virgin land", many business platform, logistics enterprises, retail enterprises and agricultural enterprises have coveted natural. But after a new round of enclosure, marketing war, the industry as a whole is still bogged down in the quagmire of loss, the electricity supplier has not yet been conquered in the field of subdivision of the last bastion.


preferred SF President Cui Xiaoqi opinion, fresh electricity market entry will soon become cannon fodder, starting with soup too late. "In 2012 2013 to test the water, now, market expansion, heating, users receive degree rise, makes the homogenization of competition, the game player to hard skills, comprehensive strength competition before and after the end of the stage."

in the future, how to break the fresh electricity supplier


not open around the four big problems to abandon the public dishes

domestic fresh electricity supplier is mainly divided into platform class and self B2C class. The platform includes Taobao, Jingdong, shop No. 1, suning.com launched a fresh channel, more clipping level is cut; self class including optimization of SF, the original life, I bought the network, Tootoo commune, 77, Da, Butler delicious dishes etc.. The wind is preferably "express gene", originally life is "media marketing gene", "I bought net" is the top ranked purchasing gene.

, according to industry sources, the electricity supplier of fresh average profit reached 30%-40%, far higher than other categories, including seafood and meat of the highest fruit. Fresh domestic electricity supplier mainstream game player category focused on the high-end, not easy to buy fresh, fresh and fresh as overseas organic farmers market competition, and avoid the popular dishes. Because, the next line of public consumption of dishes can be consumed by the day to buy the crowd, and the scale of the fresh electricity supplier can not do.

as a result of modern agriculture

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