[Sohu IT news] July 8th news, Fortune magazine yesterday announced the world’s top 500 companies list. Chinese enterprises (excluding Taiwan, Taiwan has 8 companies on the list) a total of 61 enterprises to enter the Fortune top 500, an increase of more than last year, a total of 15 consecutive years of rising. List of Companies in the United States is still the largest, reaching 133; followed by Japan, the 68.

from all sectors of the industry, the highest ranked Sinopec, ranked fifth, last year, the seventh. Then China Petroleum, ranked sixth, last year ranked in the top tenth. Then the national grid ranked 7 in the last year, the eighth. Only these three into the top 10.

new to the list this year, China enterprise has 15 companies: Lenovo (the latest ranking: 449th) and China ocean shipping group (the latest ranking: 398th) had on the list, this is once again on the list, the other 13 companies are on the list for the first time. Let us know them: Shougang Group, 325th; Chinese post group, 342nd; Chinese Electronic Information Industry Group Co. Ltd, 407th; China Railway Materials Commercial Corp, China Aviation Oil Holding Co, 429th; 430th; 434th; China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Henan coal chemical industry Refco Group Ltd, 445th; Jizhong energy group, 457th; China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, 462nd; Chinese Pacific Insurance (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, China National Chemical Corp, 466th; 474th; 483rd; Zhejiang products group, Chinese Building Materials Group Co. Ltd, 484th.

China 11 technology companies on the list

Chinese technology companies on the list amounted to 11, is the highest ranked Foxconn, sixtieth, 112 last year, and then is the mobile 87. China Telecom 221, Quanta 246, Compal 339, 351 HUAWEI, China Unicom 370, Chinese electronic information industry group 407, Lenovo 449, Acer 486, Wistron 499. 5 of them are Taiwan enterprises.

China electronics, Lenovo, Wistron last year Teoma Lenovo after 3 years later return to the top 500, China electronics is the first on the list.

11 list of technology companies

in the international science and technology enterprises, Samsung ranked 22, last year, the 32 place, it is the highest ranked technology companies. HP ranked 28, 2 lower than last year; At& T ranked thirtieth, last year 21; Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (Nippon Telegraph & Telephone; NTT) ranked thirty-first, and last year; the U.S. telecom operators Verizon ranked 41, last year 35; SIEMENS ranked forty-seventh; ranked fiftieth; SONY ranked 7>

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