invested one hundred million or two hundred million yuan to start, in other industries can be considered to be money, but put in electronic commerce (hereinafter referred to as business) is only superficial. Although last year Metersbonwe failed shadows in the water and electricity provider, but more and more traditional enterprises are funded to step into the electricity supplier, even showing explosive growth. More than a month, Meikailong, department store industry Home Furnishing Wangfujing department store, Bank Construction Bank, even the wind express and many other logistics companies have announced opened a shop". In the traditional enterprise, Internet companies have flocked to the electricity supplier Jinshan Nuggets process, who can pick up gold?

passion rekindled

this year

Chinese Franchise Association released 2012 "traditional retailers report" retail network show that as of the end of June this year, there are 59 traditional retail enterprises launched online retail business, operating more than 70 shop.

according to insiders, there is a wave of traditional large-scale enterprises to enter the electricity business boom in early last year, when the group purchase mode of hot hot, some traditional enterprises to large-scale investment, especially to clothing and other FMCG enterprises. Until last September 29th, Smith Barney suddenly decided to stop business, and give up the reason is the huge logistics, marketing resources and information systems required for investment, about 60000000 yuan the previous investment as a boondoggle. At the same time, buy the outbreak of the crisis, a time to cool the capital, the enthusiasm of the traditional enterprise is like pouring a pot of cold water.

‘s enthusiasm for cooling has been rekindled this year. Suning chairman Zhang Jindong issued in April 7th this year, the late not only sounded offensive to the electricity supplier, rush electricity supplier industry giants, but also a firm more and more traditional enterprises to enter the electricity business.

"to dismiss all of the senior sprint menace from the rear, 30 billion!" this is Zhang Jindong of’s business expectations. The United States also requires this year to achieve the first online home appliance retail market size".

do or not do, is the bet

undoubtedly, the impact of the traditional enterprises in the electricity supplier after the beginning of this year’s massive counterattack achieved good results. Alexa data show that in June’s traffic has exceeded Dangdang ranked third, but this is a good news for the traditional enterprise ready to.

can speak multiple languages vendors now more and more difficult to impress consumers ", is located in the downtown location of the Silk Market in Beijing is now also aware of the coming trend of online shopping. According to insiders revealed that the silk will invest 200 million yuan to build a business platform, of which 100 million yuan for the online platform and business, 100 million yuan as "Xianhengpeifu" fund, while the platform is expected to be launched in September.

and department stores outside the industry himself, have joined the ranks. Among them, in addition to the previous test of the electricity supplier of China Merchants Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank recently also >

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