iResearch "development report" China network shopping market in the first half of 2009 data show that the first half of 2009 China online shopping market size exceeded 100 billion yuan, reached 103 billion 460 million, up 08 in the first half of 94.8% growth, a 08 growth in the second half of 37.8%. China’s online shopping market is developing rapidly, giving full play to its advantages, making outstanding achievements and getting the attention of the world.

in the second session of the Hangzhou fair, the domestic and foreign SMEs appear very active, there will be more than 1 thousand and 200 domestic and foreign merchants to participate in the exhibition, the more than 100 thousand came to visit. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, it has become an important force to help enterprises through the cold winter, and promote economic development, and play an increasingly dominant role.

affected by the financial crisis, many enterprises have to save money, change the traditional way of selling, increasingly focused on marketing, using the Internet and regional features, go on the road of electronic commerce. The prosperity of online shopping, but also for its wide open road. In the market as boundless as the sea and sky let it fly.

large scale of Internet users to promote the birth of a huge user demand, unlimited business opportunities, provide opportunities for the development of the industry; to change the consumption concept, the consumer acceptance of online shopping gradually increased; the enterprises pay more and more attention to the development of e-commerce channels; in the economic crisis, online shopping has advantages of price users more attractive, promote further development of online shopping.

with the development of the market, the polarization of the online shopping market has been formed. Online high-end consumption is showing explosive growth, high-end fashion online shopping has broken the "Taobao style" low-end fashion online shopping model, high-end B2C website reshape the market pattern of fashion online shopping.

online shopping crowd has become the fastest growing category of Internet applications, the rapid expansion of the scale of online shopping to leap development. Online shopping has been covering the mainstream consumer groups, social influence will be further enhanced. But a lot of non-standard behavior also appears: online transaction fraud occurs frequently, the proliferation of fake transactions have caused many consumer complaints, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are often damaged. Network integrity crisis, hindering the healthy development of online shopping.

and the needs of the country and all aspects to intensify the crackdown, play a positive force, to create a healthy environment, but also online shopping for a clear sky. Before had integrity self action, now more areas will be online shopping platform, dragons and fishes jumbled together into the scope of regulation. I believe in the joint efforts of all parties, the network shopping will The Legendary Swordsman.

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