I do not know since when, the original private circle of friends began to fill a variety of advertising. Facial mask, bag, clothes, skin care products, food…… Micro business advertising scraper, so that the circle of friends changed the taste.

looked at the old friends frequently "extremely excited" chicken soup, sun drying, drying their orders and sales of luxury living…… Some people really unbearable, the other side pull black shield.

circle of friends should share life interesting places, but you use our friendship and care, just for money advertising plug in my eyes, can comfortable? "Netizens said Steven, pull the black and not because they do not want to see advertising, but feel that they do not respect yourself.

always refresh my circle of friends and friends, micro business? Many derivative also admitted that he suffered a friend shielding, comments like "straight down, very sad". And some people think, do not be afraid of micro business was shielded".


circle of friends every day to send their advertising

university graduates – Xu

distressed: former friends shield family pressure to find a decent job

23 year old Xiao Xu (a pseudonym) from the beginning of 2013 in the micro business industry, starting with open micro shop selling clothes and friends, then moved to the skin care industry. A year of graduation, she did not find other work, concentrate on acting.

small Xu said, was a skin care products, micro business friends recommend her a Thailand mask products, the skin is not very good after she felt very good. In the instigation of friends, Xu Xu joined the agency, began to publish the product’s advertising information in their circle of friends, one day have to send 6 – 8.

micro business road, far more difficult than she imagined. The first thing that happens is the crisis of confidence.

Xu Xu found that those who used to ask her recently good friends slowly disappeared, their hair circle of friends comments like comments increasingly deserted. Later, even if she is not advertising, but the state of their lives, and very few people commented on. She just understand, a lot of good friends have her shield, which makes her very sad.

pressure comes not only from the crisis of trust between friends, but also from the opposition at home. She has been in the home store nearly 30 thousand yuan of goods, but the parents think this is a minor, is not a "win" work.

although the pressure is not small, but small business is gradually expanding, at present, she has developed 6 agents. "New things always like it before Taobao There are both advantages and disadvantages., electricity supplier in question was not a liar, now still is the fire?"


business unit to resign — Xiu Xiu

confidence: products through the layers of the team to give her the spirit to encourage

Bao Ma Xiu Xiu (a pseudonym) had to work in a business unit, just on the primary school children. >

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