today is the Alibaba in the United States after the listing of the first singles, foreign media is to increase of the world’s largest online shopping day reports. CFP figure

BBC: consumer shopping frenzy is simply crazy

The British

BBC to "China" double eleven "shopping Carnival record" the article reported that this year’s "double eleven" online shopping activities began, only a Alibaba’s data show that just 3 minutes, with sales of more than 1 billion yuan.

, there are comments that consumers can be described in terms of shopping frenzy." Reported that the Alibaba’s largest electricity supplier network China "Tmall" data show that online shopping activities started in 40 minutes, sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, and last year, rushed to the 10 billion in 5 hours and 49 minutes.

The special

explained, "double eleven" in November 11th each year, also known as the "singles day" is a popular entertainment festival for young people China. Beginning in 2009, every year in November 11th, Taobao, Jingdong and other large e-commerce sites in China are using this day to conduct large-scale promotional activities. Now this day has gradually become China’s Internet industry to carry out large-scale commercial activities of the day.

data show that in November 10th 6 after the rapid rise in traffic on the wireless side, Ali group chief operating officer Zhang Yong analysis, the majority of consumers have embarked on the return journey home, is the bus or subway to buy goods. Therefore, it is expected that this year’s wireless terminal participation will be unprecedented." Article said.

The article quoted

IT media recently released "2014 double eleven shopping APP analysis report" is expected this year, Taobao "double eleven" sales are expected to reach 63 billion 700 million yuan.

Wall Street Journal: "single day trading volume of how much water?

American "Wall Street journal" focuses on "singles day" volume accuracy. The article said that e-commerce companies, the amount of online transactions (often referred to as the gross commodity value of GMV) is the market share is increasing signs. However, if the payment transaction, return and cancel the order, the standard is not so accurate – Alibaba, Jingdong mall and eBay and other industry-leading companies is the case. This means that if consumers buy a product but later changed his mind, these transactions could still be in the GMV.

article asks: what is the amount of e-commerce transactions that should be eliminated if the returns and cancellations are removed?

"China ‘Singles Day’ (equivalent to the" black Friday "and" cyber Monday ") may let people see a little clue. Shen Zheyi Gartner, an analyst at the research firm Inc. said, according to industry estimates, saving 25% singles last year online shopping goods return. She said that the Chinese e-commerce company

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