to tell you the background of svhost.exe, let us slowly analysis: first we look at non Microsoft’s official explanation: "svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries". Svchost.exe is a generic managed process name for a variety of services that are loaded from a dynamic link library".

When the

task manager and then opened the computer to view the system process, always can see a number of svhost.exe process, but you have no impression opened them, the number of processes is much less, a variety of features people have reason to suspect that these processes are trojans or viruses. That svhost.exe is "good" or "evil"?

In fact, in fact,

, read the official explanation will only let the question mark in the head increased, few people are computer experts. But we put the sequence of events analysis of svchost.exe will fog the cloudsclearedand. Earlier (specific time not verified) transfer functions, Microsoft Windows program internal service from.Exe file to.Dll file, from the programming point of view, this increases the reusability of the process, but also brings a problem: in the windows dynamic link library (.Dll) is not a direct start. Therefore, the dynamic link library file can only be loaded from the executable file (.Exe), so there is svchost.exe.

so why are there multiple svhost.exe at the same time?

In fact, the normal operation of the Windows

operating system needs more support services, if all services are loaded in a svhost.exe process, in which case a service error occurs, the entire operating system will "collapse", so we must keep them apart.

so, the operating system will be grouped according to the logic of the various services. A svhost.exe process tube. For example, a svhost.exe loading 3 firewall and related services, the 3 services are a logical grouping, they are loaded in a svhost.exe, and the svhost.exe process and loading other svhost.exe services exist at the same time.

so how to deal with the svhost.exe problem?

first, can prohibit or close some svhost.exe to reduce unnecessary services, in addition, if it is found that a svhost.exe occupies a surprisingly large CPU resources, you can restart the svhost.exe process to release the occupied resources. But if you want to see a svhost.exe loaded under

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