1, if there is no business free time every day to keep writing posts 20, 30 replies. I can write posts and increase store exposure rate, but also increase the amount of reading his own shop! The best is the essence, that your exposure rate is much more high, all the thread of the people know that you exist, but also for your Dongdong turnover rate to do a very good bedding for each! With my friends I will post one by one visit, it also increases the probability of closing! Don’t say I don’t know, many buyers are with me friends, your post will chain your baby out with the show window. Those who repling is your potential customers. Do not necessarily personally write stickers, online look at what can be pasted. 200 words suitable.

2, put up your personal space applications, it is a good advertising area, the best to show your taste to be arranged, and let in every friend have been receiving. The article must be contaminated. My soft is my friends read my article and said that I can not help drooling to buy. Best set discount baby promotion category.

3, baby name must be sufficient to apply the 30 words. Do not show strange symbols, such as ==" *) @ & " ^ ^, otherwise it will affect the customer search your baby.

4, put your Taobao store address is always on the first quick reply, when the customer needs, a second to her, so that customers feel that you are very professional, very fast. There are commonly used hot single product, address, freight clarify and so on in the quick reply. Also includes the call, farewell.

5, after the completion of the seller’s most concerned about what?. Buyers are the same, so they will seriously write praise, do not easily to the buyer. Finish the praise not intentions of the store will Everything will be fine., write a description, again using the customer most read window advertising yourself, you do


6, some people are busy, no time to write posts, but have time to write a word? A: imperial crown sellers in their own space to write this: all replies, worth 2 yuan shopping volume, where I treasure store who is worth 5 yuan shopping volume. A collection of hundreds of thousands of people, in the search rankings far ahead in the cornucopia. Many sellers do not pay attention to the treasure vase in search rankings, it is a negligence of advertising opportunities.

7, a lot of Amoy friends asked what is the thread window? How to use the recommended window? What is the interest today specially to explain?. First of all: the baby is displayed in the window by Taobao search in the baby, not in his shop in the store! Don’t get! Next steps: open my Taobao sold the baby and then see page below have window recommended baby words, but also clarify how many do you have a window available, you can put the baby selected, and then select the recommended window, you can. Remember to start from! Due to the baby, so as to row in the first pages of search. And every day there is time to update >

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