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if the year star industry, perhaps many investors will point to Mobile Games and culture media, but the "daily economic news" reporter noted that this year, e-commerce stocks is not lost on the first two, the leader of business treasure (002095, closing price of 33.03 yuan) the share price from 12 yuan starting in mid April. Has risen to 33.03 yuan, an increase of up to 175%.

yesterday, the electricity supplier stocks livelihood investment (000416, closing price of 5.39 yuan) afternoon opening that rushed limit, the reason is the major shareholder of the company Lu Zhiqiang and Liu Yonghao and Shi Yuzhu co founded Minsheng electronic commerce limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the people’s livelihood electricity supplier). For a time, from the business treasure to Shanghai Steel Union, from Shanghai Steel Union (300226, closing price of $23.51), and then to focus on science and Technology (002315, closing price of 39.85 yuan) electricity supplier stocks rose collective wave.

livelihood investment afternoon limit

yesterday, the market came a news about the electricity supplier once again excited many investors. The media reported that Shenzhen came from Qianhai administration news, people’s livelihood electricity providers to be registered in Qianhai, subscribed capital of 3 billion yuan, is the first domestic and commercial banks formed the corresponding relationship between the silver business enterprises in close cooperation.

livelihood electricity promoters Minsheng Bank (600016, closing price of 8.46 yuan) of the seven major state-owned shareholders and non Minsheng Asset Management Co, and seven major non state-owned shareholders units at the helm of per capita capital market heavyweights, including Liu Yonghao, Shi Yuzhu, Guo Guangchang, Lu Zhiqiang and other celebrities.

daily economic news reporter noted that due to the livelihood of the major shareholders of the investment is one of the participants in the project, Lu Zhiqiang, so yesterday afternoon people’s livelihood investment stock price was quickly pushed to limit. After the stock long-term downturn, turnover is often less than 1%.

in fact, this is not the first time the electricity supplier stocks so "fierce", before the business treasure, the focus of science and technology, Shanghai Steel Union which has a few traditional business concept stocks have been Yiqijuechen, these stocks also rose yesterday.

business treasure is one of the most eye-catching. The company specializes in high-tech enterprises in the Internet industry information service industry, electronic commerce and industry application software development, owns and operates Chinese chemical network, global chemical network, Chinese textile net, net of medicine industry professional website. The company’s share price since April began to sit like a rocket in general, from 12 yuan rose to $33, or up to 175%.

Broker: this year’s trading volume or over 10 trillion

"daily economic news" reporter noted that many analysts believe that today’s online shopping, online payment is gradually changing the habits of more people in recent years, the electricity supplier in the country also quickly issued

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