Chengdu Oriental century is China’s well-known Internet service provider, the main business: domain name registration, virtual host, server, server hosting, website construction, website promotion, enterprise mailbox, founded in 2002, after nearly 3 years of rapid development, Chengdu Oriental century has become China’s well-known Internet service provider. Since the beginning of the establishment of the Chengdu Century Oriental, we hold high the integrity of the concept of professional and pragmatic innovation, focusing on Chinese enterprises e, for the majority of enterprises to provide high-quality network products. Chengdu Century Oriental adhere to the quality first, customer first quality, after just two years of development, Chengdu Century Oriental has become China’s largest Internet service provider in the west. Has helped customers to register nearly 10 million Chinese and English domain names, to provide tens of thousands of enterprises to provide high-speed, stable, inexpensive website and email hosting services. The company’s sales system is becoming more and more perfect, with thousands of agents all over the country. Technical support:

high quality customer service system:
in order to provide a more convenient and fast service, the company opened the latest real-time conversation software, and a dedicated customer service team, uninterrupted service and technical support departments adhere to 7*24 hours.

Proof of authority:

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