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recently in an interface news reporter interview, chairman of Darunfa group and the flying cow network CEO Huang Mingduan said that the flying cow network can also be a loss of 5-7 years.

since the beginning of 2014 officially launched the flying cow network began flying cow network chairman Huang Mingduan at the same time in command, and within a year will be distribution coverage across the country, WAL-MART, Carrefour and other foreign counterparts in last year opened the online business, but did not like the flying cow net so fast radiation to the whole country, is explored in more Shenzhen, Shanghai and other markets experimentally. For the radical behavior of flying cow network so that some of the retail Godfather Huang Mingduan as the retail peers do not understand.


has been to Darunfa as learning objects of Anhui Music City Limited by Share Ltd general manager Wang Wei, in fact, Darunfa has a very important part of the income from the lease, the lease area of nearly two years of Darunfa revenue has exceeded the Darunfa store rental costs, "but today Darunfa electricity supplier, electronic screen also stores the site, customers to go online, reduce customer viscosity, so the future lost not only increase online sales, but the rental income."

according to this logic, the flying cow network Darunfa raised the annual loss of more than one billion seems unwise. But Huang Mingduan’s logic is that this is the trend of customer consumption characteristics, Darunfa have no choice, you must turn.

of course, the possibility of doing business should also profit from. Huang Mingduan told news reporters decided to do interface, the electricity supplier before, to measure the marginal contribution of goods, namely the price minus the cost is the gross profit, gross profit minus direct costs (delivery cost, packaging cost, etc.) if the marginal contribution is positive can do, can do. The contribution of the net is positive, if the loss, then the size of the problem.

according to the RT parent Gao Xin retail 2015 performance report, net profit attributable to shareholders decreased by 15.7% last year, which stores induced decline in net profit ratio is 8.5%, the electricity supplier business accounted for 7.2%, a loss of about 175 million yuan.

Huang Mingduan has said publicly that Darunfa annual investment of 500 million yuan to develop electricity supplier at the same time, performance can achieve 5% growth (higher than peers), shareholders are satisfied with the flying cow net loss in the affordable range. In addition, users last year exceeded 9 million 900 thousand, GMV (turnover) has exceeded $1 billion, the overall development of the company in line with expectations.

but fresh is still the problem of flying cow network. According to the experience of flying cow network in the past, in a city (usually Shanghai headquarters) the first half of the year, will expand to other city and even the whole country, but the flying cow online line more than a year of fresh business has not made a similar development, Huang Mingduan told reporters the interface is mainly because of the fresh, yet to find the profit model. If extended to the country, will continue to lose.

just like the next line store, fresh category is actually cited

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