in front of me old, leaning back in his chair, chair a Zegna Black Striped suit. His hair clasp on the wide forehead like a teapot cover. His eyes narrowed as he smiled. The blue shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbows together, the shirt is "VANCL" product, the value of more than and 100 yuan. "I went to an important investor conference yesterday, wearing a Oxford shirt I bought for three years, and that was the first batch of VANCL Oxford shirts." Then, he lit a cigarette panda, ashtray placed in front of him had six or seven cigarette butts. On March 10, 2011 at 7:30 in the evening, VANCL founder and CEO Chen accepted the interview of the "Oriental entrepreneur".

VANCL, Chinese, Eslite (hereinafter referred to as Eric), aged fast fashion brand founded in 2007. The company, which sells clothing on the Internet, is growing at more than 300% a year. 2008 sales of 160 million yuan, in 2009 was $600 million in 2010, $2 billion, while in 2011 its sales target is 10 billion yuan.

4 years ago, the old is still hundred-percent garment industry layman.

at the beginning of 1990s, dropped out of College middle aged with literature dream, do a "drift family. At first, he lived in a small cottage near the Old Summer Palace, there is no fixed income. He three days at the club, he in two days, sometimes write something if someone didn’t earn royalties, let him write it out of food.

he worked as a reporter for the "Beijing Youth Daily", "book review weekly" editor did the. In 2000, Lei Jun (micro-blog) and Wang Shutong invited him to excellence network responsible for the book division, and later promoted to executive vice president of excellence network. In 2004, after to $75 million sold to the Amazon Co in the United States, leaving the old. In 2005, he founded the online game props trading platform, I have a network, it is a failed venture.

found him again in 2007 when Lei Jun, the market has a sale of men’s shirts in the Internet advertising company is overwhelming. This company called PPG, is the object of imitation and old lei. At that time, Chen’s goal is to make PPG second. He found the old network in the original old subordinates who put up the "VANCL" team. The seven founders of the initial stage, only from a garment factory in Suzhou, Liu Hao made clothing. Liu Hao said, these garment fabrics, selling books and audio-visual executives such as listening to mumbo-jumbo. "The water is too deep, with a little less spinning clothes cheaper money." Where senior vice president Jiang Xiaoyi said, "if you sell this stuff, we spend money back at all costs." In the early days, they paid the price, one time to reclaim the unqualified towels, and the other time to take back the clothes that were too large.

when 2007 founded the website of the aged, the domestic has been flooded with large and small clothing brand. This >

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