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[the current situation is not a standard, lack of responsibility, leading to frequent trade disputes, poor customer experience, consumers and the industry generally feel "is easy to realize online transactions and the line through the logistics to]

price, guaranteed authentic, more choices and a series of advantages, so that sea Amoy cross-border e-commerce more and more consumers, however, limited to customs policy, logistics and tax rules, sea Amoy has been wandering in the gray area".

, however, this does not hinder the pace of related enterprises on the industry chain layout "cross-border electronic commerce", including the eastern logistics, EMS, FedEx, Yuantong air transport and courier companies, as well as shop No. 1, fast and easy net electricity supplier companies which have been testing the waters.

yesterday, nearly 60 enterprises, including the enterprise, is the "alliance" of the establishment of China’s first cross-border e-commerce industry association ", hope to be able to regulate all aspects of the sea Amoy and trading channel, transaction process etc..

cross-border e-commerce is developing rapidly, in 2012 has reached about 2 trillion yuan, but the related international standards, national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards should be improved; the relevant security system, credit system, standard system, traceability system has yet to be established." Shanghai cross-border e-commerce industry association president Zhu Yimin yesterday on the first financial daily reporters.

enterprise layout cross-border e-commerce

cross-border e-commerce refers belong to different customs territory of the transaction subject, through e-commerce platform deal, payment and settlement, an international business activities and delivery of goods through cross-border logistics, for ordinary consumers, "sea washes" or "overseas purchasing" is one of the important part of.

previously, consumers of online shopping is mainly concentrated in the country, in recent years, more and more people can go abroad to "Taobao", the consumer demand is also expanding the scope of milk, clothing, cosmetics, toys, and electronic products have become the main object of sea amoy.

statistics of the Ministry of Commerce showed that in 2011, China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions amounted to 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, in 2012 reached about 2 trillion yuan. 2012 China’s foreign trade growth rate of 6.2%, while the scale of cross-border e-commerce trade grew by more than 25%.

is expected in 2013 China will continue to expand the scale of cross-border e-commerce transactions, an increase of about 30%. The above data is only an estimate, but a larger amount of actual occurrence due to data sources, statistical caliber and other reasons can not be calculated, the number may be more alarming." Zhu Yimin pointed.

huge market space, express logistics, business trade, financial services related enterprises have made more and more to the layout, such as Alipay, caifutong and other 17 third party payment companies.

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