has just entered in June, 618 business Wars: Jingdong has a quality like a raging fire carnival, Ali jointly Suning brand to bring in all the formation of "King", as is the bold declaration in 618 ecological collar "play"! This year, in addition to music television, LETV mobile phone high-profile ginseng war, battlefield second drinks become invisible the new play – network network will be expanded 1 yuan 10 yuan "Qiao took years to promote market.


1 yuan expansion change of 10 yuan

network network this year, 618 big promotion staged a new play of 1 yuan to expand 10 yuan ". During the June 1st 10:00-17 9:59, the subscriber station to pay 1 yuan to 10 yuan in the "expansion" official network network, "the expansion amount" can be used in the June 17th -21 consumer.

use of the expansion amount can be reduced in order neutral, low visibility. According to reports, the use of "expansion of gold", Andy song Sangiovese red Wine will be as low as 29 yuan, the Red Devils Yung Ewong Wine 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon is only 49 yuan, 6 bottles of beer HeineKen as low as 39 yuan, JACK DANIELS whisky wine 6 bottles of cola only 59 yuan.

in addition, 618 Network Network Pushing value return. Penfolds Penfolds, yellow tail, good beauty, Lafite, Roselle villa Wine brand will set a low price, Carlsberg, Lin Deman, HeineKen, Fujia and JACK DANIELS products such as beer wine has also ushered in the "price limit".

every day a low price


618, network network ultimate low-cost explosion models daily 10 strikes on time. The world famous beer, Wine are included in the sale, which are popular as grand cru Mouton Wine, more popular with women from deep and shallow powder like powder like imported beer and Deman forest fruit beer.

network network 618 event page has disclosed the explosion. During the period from June 6th to June 16th, Belgium imported deep powder, like pink like 2 bottles of beer, cool dry Wine Ruidinuo assembly, Baileys, Mexico imported 6 bottles of beer, Corona rose red, lotus red fort ord Wine Wine, Belgium Deman forest of peach, blueberry, 2 bottles of beer combination Mouton Scarlett is red Wine, Hennessy VSOP Cognac cognac, Italy Rainbow Department of sweet sparkling wine for 6 cigarettes, Penfolds Kou Lanshan which red Wine, will be staged surprise price, the price is generally less than 100 yuan.

releases the power of ecology

with music as ecology, network network 618 big promotion cheap more. 618 during the event, the value of 2394 yuan to buy white Burgundy Wine, can receive a free music as a super TV X40S, experience the "wine + lyrics" double feast! It is reported that the music as a super TV X40S market value of 1599 yuan, the performance can reach the level of the beast.


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