news May 5th 5, men’s clothing online shopping brand Martha Marceau announced a strategic partnership with the group purchase site Gaopeng, launch group purchase vouchers.


According to

reports, Martha Marceau officially launched the group purchase business in Gaopeng, Martha Marceau sold vouchers to the price of 4.9 yuan. The user after completion of the transaction log, Martha Marceau’s official website to choose love items in the shopping cart checkout check "gift cards", enter the coupon password in the pop-up box, through the verification can be used. The cumulative amount of a single commodity can be reduced by more than 200 yuan, with a total of $300 can be reduced by 120, with a total of less than $400 can be reduced by 150. At the same time coupons when shopping, and 100 265 yuan worth of Martha Marceau wallet and a iPad to participate in the lottery.

Martha Marceau CEO Sun Hong said that the group purchase vouchers can be used for all products owned by Vivian Marceau and martha. Which will include Martha Marceau this spring and summer coats, T-Shirts, sweaters, pants and other 18 categories of products.

Gaopeng relevant responsible person said, at present the network group purchase this marketing model has been widely accepted by merchants, the site itself, service users, etc. based on the advantages of scale, gradually will maximize the value of group purchase business.

previously, Martha Marceau worked with the group purchase website launched glutinous rice network group purchase, sold a total of more than 6 thousand coupons, driven by sales of more than 70 yuan. (end)

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