today to share with friends the value of the site, the concept of


first, tell me a story. In fact, the Taobao crown store ( at the beginning of the site, the site can be considered to provide the visitors what this website can do? I specifically listed the following three points:

, do station, promotion of Taobao crown stores.

two, the sale of advertising for Taobao crown shop to create Internet brand!

three, to provide the best and most convenient visitors to find the most concise crown shop services.

I think, I think third! Why? First, the customer first (browse for first)! If a website is not able to provide value and better service for visitors, why do you think they should pay for your site? Visitors will not buy your single, Baidu will buy are you single? The answer is: No. So, at the beginning of the site, or after the completion of the site. The first thing to consider is: the value of browsing in there!

for some examples, here do not explain yourself to see:



red child (

wheat bag (

secondly, we have to find our website’s profit model from this site analysis: the site’s profit is from Taobao promotion. There may be friends will say, you can advertise. Yes. This is my initial profit model, but the most important thing is that I want to build a brand for the crown store. If a website does not have a profit model, the final result is only one: dead! So, according to the site can give the user to consider the value of the profit model, you will be more likely to make money!

yesterday, a friend to do LED lights to consult on the LED lights in this industry should be how to operate better. I asked two questions, the following questions to ask to share with you.

I asked: how are you going to do this project: A: use SEO to optimize the keywords ranking.

two, I asked: are you going to do this project, you can earn money or short-term? Answer: because this is my own, so long to belong to the agents themselves do.

asked the two questions, I gave the friend my answer:

first of all, for the operation of their own projects to build an enterprise station. And on the site, indicating their service types, and their products. If you do mall, the front can also be considered. >

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