first to the novice a little advice, although I am also a novice:

1, do not indulge in the study of the technology itself: do not know how to find someone to help you solve. For example: do not build, to give you a few dozen dollars to help you engage in, must be better than their own, more professional.

2, be sure to have a specific direction: concentrate on the study of a certain corner of the network, do a certain amount of money.

3, to understand the investment: the newcomer is not willing to invest, do not believe other tutorials and training, to invest in their knowledge and technology, always expect out their own research results, but the results are always playing tricks on him. Taobao can not say that you do not want to invest a lot of money.

4, be sure to have the executive power, absolute execution.

now talk about the latest Taobao money making model: profiteering products + single page +SEO optimization

profiteering products: can be Taobao, you can also own agent

this product, probably to mother background check, to see what kind of product commission rate high, large volume, more popular is: weight loss, breast enhancement, freckle, but these products to promote more people, fierce competition, so the choice must be careful, otherwise your site keywords don’t choose to do on the ranking is difficult, so you need to find some good profit, but also has a certain amount of search goods. Of course, the best agent of their own goods, or other sources of your channels, in short, to find huge profits.

single page: the product is simple, fast, easy to maintain

single page is the biggest advantage of specificity, only to do a certain product, do fine. And target customer groups clear, high conversion rate of flow. Of course, there are some technical things, is a single page how fast ranking.

here to give you a hint, you go to Baidu Google to search some currently popular goods look, almost all of the single page, and a good deal, 2000-3000 easily.

we can refer to the next how to quickly create high-quality single page:

General Edition: Uid=85& aid=14& linkuid=

Gold Edition: Uid=85& aid=18& linkuid=

SE0: simple direct keywords, high quality of the chain, the original article

for SEO to seize 3 points:

keyword selection: this can refer to some key analysis tools, such as: Google, baidu>

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