simple to talk about my site

in 2003 the establishment of pure static website: in alliance, is a star of the website

at that time do not understand the optimization, the blog is not popular… On their own page by page to do a little by little by hand to add content..


lazy Theater

just started Baidu included good, but not much IP, and later included less and less, facing almost K risk

began to analyze the reasons:

content on the acquisition, it is needless to say, the problem is a key

template with the official, too many people, the site does not have a significant personality

promotion has not done, too little backlinks. Oh, no perseverance

page is not generated, worried about the capacity of the virtual host is not enough.

for this problem, and then I began to revision:

content collection, no way, but we can manually modify the profile and other content

do their own templates, so that Baidu has a fresh

began to do some promotion

generation html

finally, in the face of Baidu has included only 8 pages, began to turn some ~ ~ ha ha ha ~~

DVD in 2008 started the lazy

from the beginning to learn the experience of, I began to do the template, this template is good

, however, due to the promotion did not do, still mediocre, one day earn less than a few dollars, pain…

but because I did a good template, after the official has done the show, a lot of network friends asked me to share the template

so, I started selling template ~~

I did almost a year, do not make money flow, but I spent 2 interest to do the template, just a few days will be able to buy a set of

although not only 100rmb~~ but this is indeed I earn in the network the first money ah ~ ~!! Wahaha….

technical friends, this article can give you some inspiration?

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