it is well known that it is very difficult to apply for Google Adsense account now, many of the owners holding a passion to apply, but often rejected.

in the application was rejected, Google Adsense issued to the owners of the mail, usually like a robot reply, so that the owners do not know what is the reason for the unsuccessful application.

here, I summarize the registration Google Adsense account must meet 4 conditions:

1 must apply for independent domain names, free blog is no longer supported (except Google blogger, his blog at home most of the time, but it can not be normal access), a free forum this kind of non independent website domain name application (but after application, can put ads on blogs, forums).

2 site content must be the original content of the site itself or the site’s main users, can not be copied everywhere, the acquisition of content. If you use the station to apply, advice before applying to at least all the contents into the original content page.

3 domain name registration time for more than 6 months. Even before the registration of a day of the site can be, and now the registration time is limited.

4 domain name registration information must be consistent with the application Adsense information. This is to prevent the use of other people’s Web site to apply.

if first, 2 can not be reached, then who can not help you, work hard to do a good job of content, do a good job flow, meet the conditions and then apply. If third, 4 reach, this is relatively easy to handle, can be purchased online in a registration time more than 6 months of the domain name, stationmaster net, has such domain name transfer. It should be noted that the purchase of the domain name is a normal domain name transaction, with the domain name to buy the site, apply Google Adsense account, there is no violation of Google Adsense policy.

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