this is a series of fourth articles Sohu entrepreneurship. This figure is just left of the 3G portal CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Zhang Min (min) review (HUI), the former general manager of Sohu marketing department national channel center.

: national sales champion

: Sohu

min Hui is an old man with a beard of Sohu, Sohu, in ten years. After graduating from Zhongshan University in 2000, graduated from the computer science and technology in Beijing to join ChinaRen as assistant to the president, and Wang Xiaochuan, Xu Zhaojun and others to communicate product details and instructions, and then report to Chen Yizhou.

joined ChinaRen in July 2000, ChinaRen was acquired by Sohu in September, reported to Sohu in October. In 2003 to become the national sales champion of Sohu, the transformation of sales management, since 2007 served as general manager of the national channel center of Sohu, Sohu sales team to become one of the core personnel.

absolutely a sales ace, with 13 years of experience in Internet plus mobile Internet industry, product planning from top Internet marketing, this is the most terrible person.

experience of Sohu from the early start with sales of more than 1 billion 500 million teams, the experience of people catch up.

when I was at the Sohu IT, min Hui group with sales of IT advertising, so we also quite harmonious internal relationship.

joined 3G portal in November 2010, as chief marketing officer, responsible for the national sales and related technology, content, marketing.

a 10 year old employee left the Sohu, for what I asked him yesterday. He said, to tell the truth about some professional ceiling, but more importantly, he had an impulse to try the mobile Internet, as well as some vision of the start-up company.

this life: before leaving the 3G portal

min Hui listen to talk about this period of some bad experiences, I have been hesitant to express how would be more accurate, but not hurt outside of himself, and the evaluation of 3G portal.

3G portal parent jiubang digital just listed, but listed on the eve of his departure procedures for min. This is understandable in general.

expensive for CMO, O level executives, what does it mean to leave before the listing of internal contradictions or to find a better platform?

is now a successful 3G portal, but he has nothing to do with himself. This could be a lesson for professional managers.

summary of the reasons he left the 3G portal before listing: 1, the target concept is different, that the browser is not a simple mobile media marketing trends in the future. 2, do not recognize the company’s culture; 3, do not know to be listed.

said third points, he smiled, I feel a little bitter, a little unscientific.

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