"Fifth generation management", the author Charles · M· Savage said a witticism: suspicion and distrust is the source of real cost.

when we emphasize the management of love often quote: "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan. But we have ignored such a fact, if the initiative has not been fully mobilized, the rules more, management cost is high, so we think that a rule of enterprise management at least is respect for others.

let management affinity to the people, let the managers and employees of the psychological distance between managers and staff to each other in the free exchange of mutual inspiration, passion and trust, this concept is to reach a consensus on outstanding entrepreneurs and the heart. A columnist to visit Intel, see when Intel CEO Grove cubicle and employees between the grid size, very bitterly accused Grove of this practice is false, but Grove answered and said, he is the reason for this is not to let the power amplification, caused by psychological pressure to the staff, in order to communicate better with employees.

let management real affinity to employees, not only on the surface to narrow the distance with the staff, but to really care about the employees, not only care about the employees of the small household affairs is more important, concerned about the staff’s future, including staff salaries and stock, including employee learning opportunities, recognized the opportunity and development the opportunity.

management is right, but don’t let people make stereotypes, stereotypes of management.

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