in the ADWORDS inside, there are two ways to display, one is the content display, a search display.

we are often in a number of sites, see the GOOGLE ad inside the ad, which is the content of the show, is automatically match the content of the site, to display the ad is the content display.

we search some key words, often appear on the right side of the GOOGLE ads, such as our search glasses, glasses may be out of the relevant advertising.

so how should we choose these two types of advertising, or do we have to do it?

1, the content of advertising is the biggest characteristic, display quantity can be freely set, you can set the free flow rate of consumption, even one day millions of advertising, as long as you can, GOOGLE can help you consume, which is its advantages, is to have a large display advertising and advertising consumption.

: webmaster always cheat, disadvantage is that a large amount of traffic is consumed, even if their GOOGLE account to K out, do not give us money, there is a little direct intention is that customer is not strong, if I look at the video site, I saw an ad, is sell video equipment, perhaps I would point out, but I’m not really going to buy.

2, search show, the drawback is that the flow is limited by the key words, such as selling aircraft, perhaps a day to search for the aircraft to buy a few people. The advantage is that the purpose is strong, no one cheat, no one mess, only interested in talent can go to.

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for the competitive advertising, you must first use search advertising, and then use content advertising.

through the search advertising, testing the profit, and then test the content of advertising, once profitable, then a large area of promotion.

sometimes, search advertising profits, but the content of the ad is not profitable, for example you sell plane advertising, if it is done so that your advertising content, advertising, most do not buy the aircraft.

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