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colorful dating billing:
product details > >         1, on payment of union, the day before the day settlement Commission, over 100 yuan you can play money.
2, the volume of more than 1000 days, we will have more preferential policies, please contact qq:429157161
3, tax exemption, the Union undertake unsubscribe and bad debts
4, commission settlement questions please consult qq:627618033   1 read the terms of cooperation and confirm the cooperation agreement, please fill out the registration information table, in order to facilitate cooperation with the Commission settlement
2. through the audit partner, landing in the background, you can get a variety of business product code, query Commission, modify passwords and other operations.
3. partners select the corresponding advertising code to launch a significant position on its website.
4. mobile phone users in the use of partners on the page of the service, billing system will be recorded in the background through ID, partners can get a high percentage of commission.
5. group, credit card and other cheating once found, immediately closed account.

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