exchange chain known as a IP return into two IP in your station on the exchange chain alliance code visitors click to enter is a contribution, is an integral, join the other website exchange alliance is clicked, will have a chance to enter your web site, that there will be a transfer page. Is this IP page transfer calculation should jump to any member website, IP page Jump transfer integral calculation, one plus one, minus one or a return to zero bit (each have different preferences, the alliance) can make site visits increased.

then the normal practice is actually CPC because the points in the league now, so IP can make money earn points, or make a page on the union code, and put the CPA code such as CPA code software download music box download a few cents, and earn points for IP, IP and for CPA, so you can make money.

is the following exchange chain code preview effect



here to talk about cheating in the interests of the chain, places of interest, people will want to take a shortcut, will think, we need to exchange real flow chain alliance inside other sites here, so we need to do to get the contribution of traffic flow contribute to? The method of cheating, is false traffic flow simulation come true, to exchange chain, so as to earn points, for other members of the alliance of real traffic to make money, of course, the premise is false flow cost, can really flow for another way to profit, have the feasibility, there is flow background must be wide, to be true.

Muzi software alliance is such a tool, this tool is CPC cheating tool, is also a flow alliance, is different, the inside of the flow are all false, of all the machines in the hook, the software control in accordance with the previous set mouse click, without the CPC software in the League a flow is true, but inside flow in integral calculation, here you need to buy integral money (which can be directly in the Taobao search Muzi integral), can also direct and buy official, Muzi by a large number of hacking software for personal computer to download the installation server intrusion, running in the background, a large number of points, a lot of selling profit, has been the safety assessment software the Trojans, is not just a Trojan, use your computer to a few mouse clicks.

long ago this software was used to do Google Adsense, there are many people who have received the money, but after Google began to slaughter, this software is used to make Google Adsense more and more reliable, but the swap chain alliance website code basically is to download the network administrator in the league, they are not so powerful technology Google perfect to intercept cookies hardware code, the end.

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