. The advertiser Name: construction network (http://s.www.buildbook.com.cn/)

. Advertisers: a network founded in January 2000, is the first China, is currently the largest and most professional domestic engineering books online sales platform.

engineering network has more than 80 thousand kinds of engineering books inventory, in addition to the construction of a variety of books, but also covers a large number of Engineering


specification, standard atlas, including transportation, electric power, water conservancy, communications, petrochemical, environmental, mechanical, metallurgical and mining,

, which covers the construction of the new book coverage of more than 95%, is the fastest response in the industry, the most complete varieties of books library books.

: on-line activities.

to celebrate the 8 anniversary of a line and to log only at the beginning of the new year alliance, to carry out special delivery of 10 yuan coupons activities! Immediately use the audience to buy books may offset the cash equal to


coupon delivery time: from now until February 28, 2008

activity address: http://s.www.buildbook.com.cn/activity/20071227.htm

activity banner has been uploaded, welcome to receive!

(special statement: the right to interpret the activities of all the work into the network)

type: CPS


* 4Standard: according to the effective sales 6% into

* RD=30

. The settlement period:


custom links:


. The data return mechanism: real-time return

* advertising review mode: automatic audit

welcome alliance members to actively put on!

only alliance


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