can be described in the crowd in the guest Wangzhuan known, Taobao is a Alibaba launched 07 years off, then called Amoy, has just launched a lot of stationmaster joined the ranks, some part of people do make money, but there are a lot of people to make ends meet! I graduated from high school last year began to contact me that is the first contact with the Taobao shop, then slowly learned that Taobao, Taobao and so off into my university part-time! I also earn some pocket money off by Taobao


Taobao guest is the most important promotion and promotion of flow transformation, there are many ways, the most direct way to do navigation website promotion Taobao store, the second is the mail promotion, chat software promotion, blog promotion, Forum promotion and so on


as a college student, we have no money, no time, no technology, navigation website can be ignored. But in their own advantages, our classmates all belong to the consumer class, and it is a new era of college students, college students is designed for online shopping and the birth of the group, the network shopping in college students has become a part of life! Imagine you in his own space to write some articles and Taobao customers the QQ group, the conversion amount is very substantial. But the attraction of the space is very important, do not simply do Taobao guest, nothing is also reproduced some useful things for everyone. Because it is not the same as the students will lead to the feeling of resentment, like everyone else!

holidays, especially to everyone Shopping Festival, a day ahead of time using mail promotion, to relatives and friends classmates congratulations to the happy holiday at the same time, a Taobao customer shopping Daquan, not to let the people around every time their online shopping earn commissions


if you want to earn more pocket money, the major portals can be used for you, just need a little bit of free time to publish articles. The school forum, of course, can not let go, cleverly to attract traffic to your blog! After all, for online shopping for college students is a very substantial consumer groups!

in fact, college students to make a little bit of money to make a little bit of pocket money Taobao really is so easy, but pay and harvest is proportional to the oh. College students are accustomed to online shopping, imagine, if you can let everyone make online shopping through you, each get a commission, it is a considerable income!! above by Tao Aimin personal blog

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