5 years, I have become a more than a dozen employees of the company’s CEO, although the company is small, but this is the starting point of my business, but also for my career. Take advantage of the rare time, I also talk about the experience I do stand, although it can not be said to be successful, but still want to give those who can not profit grassroots webmaster who inspired.

just will then go to college, I have no other hobbies, only is keen on the Internet bubble, in addition to basic class is in the Internet, and now we should be said Indoorsman. But I don’t like the other students like playing games, chat QQ, basically I just look at the Internet website, see a variety of websites, sometimes on their profits, because I always think that the future trend of development is the network.

sophomore, I started my own grassroots webmaster road. I do not know how to make a website, spent 2 months time to do a very simple book, but for me it is a sense of accomplishment. I began to learn HTML ASP, remember that our university teacher will not ASP, entirely self-taught, but finally learned a bit difficult, because not science students, never contact programming. Later, a friend said on the Internet, only to find that in fact, do not have so much trouble, there are ready-made online CMS program, as long as you can simply set up a website to get out. This is my happy bad, from the cost of living in a part of the down, buy space and domain names, all of a sudden the site to get up. I remember my first web site called "Paris life", which introduces some of the situation in Paris as well as pictures. Of course, when this website also indulge in pride, has not considered the problem of profitability, the result is half a year after the dim line.

if the first site is out of interest in the personal site, then the second site is entirely for the purpose of profit, garbage station. At that time, I saw an article on how to make a garbage station and then hang up advertising to make money, I did the article in accordance with the method of the three garbage station, and then hung up the Google AD. The first day I looked at the income and found that it was 0, or second days or 0…… , until a month later, I accidentally opened again Google advertising background, that actually have a few cents income, although this a few cents to buy even a steamed stuffed bun is not enough, but I was very excited, because I finally believe that, through the network can also earn money.

university life is free, I put these idle time on the site. The site of large and small university done dozens, also contacted Google AD, pop, Taobao off the way to make money, but ultimately failed to stick to it. The ideal is good, the reality is cruel, it is time to graduate, my energy is also transferred to find a job, and the webmaster can only as my second career. Just graduated, I decided to do a good website, thinking for a long time, found that entertainment news + jokes site is more suitable for me, more resources, traffic than

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