Ma Yun speech to the young people in Beijing, said: young people tangled today IT industry Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, we have just come out and feel the opportunity to IBM, CISCO, Microsoft took. In the mobile Internet for many years I read these words, feeling a deep sense of crisis giants revealed.

crisis prompted the giants to re implant entrepreneurial gene

domestic Internet giants are basically gone through ten years, mobile Internet companies also experienced three or four years, long after the start-up period, the body is fat, promote enterprise advance early entrepreneurial impulse, power is cut after the founding, entrepreneurial giants of the era, is facing new challenges. The power loss of entrepreneurship, and innovation mechanism, make Marxism, hierarchy process doctrine, chaotic business system, science and technology enterprises consume individuality, what will happen? Look at once IT overlord Microsoft on WP system performance, SONY continuous losses, let a person shudder.

capital markets more critical of the mobile Internet business, after most of the science and technology enterprises profitability than manufacturing, services and other traditional industries, hundreds of billion valuation, hundreds of times PE, is optimistic about the Internet investors of the enterprise innovation ability, and the ability of the follow-up prospects, once they are determined to lose creativity the valuation of the company, will be a devastating blow.

crisis stimulation of self-help, in recent years, domestic Internet giants have attempted acquisition of entrepreneurial team or incentive mechanism within the business, including Baidu acquisition of 91, Ali m UC, and WeChat and other Tencent to support new projects, in addition to business strategic considerations, may also have a corporate culture of innovation desire again implanted gene. I am from the Smartphone Application distribution giant Baidu 91 informed that they are internally brewing a plan for internal entrepreneurship gene implantation.

"grassroots" + "wild" model to solve the dynamic problem

on the success of the Internet companies, the most difficult thing is the internal dynamics. It is hard to imagine, has experienced many years of efforts, finally the hero fame, with a high salary, share option of tens of millions of executives or partner, there will be two times the power of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs in this matter, it is belong to the grassroots, similar to the "face adorable" developers Guo column as a full-time person, other associates all part-time, in order to save transportation costs, not out of grass root 500 meters.

91 Baidu discovered this, didn’t let a big brother make up a new project, but offering a reward of 100 thousand yuan, through the contest, collected from 1400 employees to 108 creative projects, and selected 30 potential projects, as a key object of construction, these creative contributions for most of the staff, perhaps is the editor, perhaps is a programmer, perhaps is the designer.

in roots after the launch, the company in accordance with the general practice is to set up the project team, to the operation of the development project initiated by the company reverted, >

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